Tuesday, September 21, 2021

MYO ban hunting, fishing and jungle burning

Kohima, April 18: Mengujuma Youth organizations (MYO) has informed to the general public that the organization has banned hunting , fishing , burning of jungles and collecting of all kinds of forests products within its jurisdiction of Mengujuma village area. In the press release issued by MYO assistant general secretary Ropfiisilie Seyie stated that any defaulters would be penalized a sum of Rs. 5,000.
Meanwhile, MYO has elected new team for the tenure 2019-2021 to be headed by Viralhou Sechii as president, Kekuolhoubei Mor as general secretary, Meguo Seyie as vice president, Ropfiisilie Seyie as assistant general secretary, Kethosilie Riirhie as treasurer and Seyielhoutuo Rhatsu as finance secretary.
(Page News Service)