Myanmar Army offensive in border: Naga orgs call for peace

Myanmar Army offensive in border: Naga orgs call for peace

Myanmar military action ‘outrageous’: NSCN (IM)

Dimapur, May 19: The NSCN (IM) has expressed serious concern and condemnation at the Tatmadaw’s (Myanmar Army) military action coordinated by the Indian security forces at the so called international borders that has gone “diabolic and outrageous”.
“What is happening in Nagalim areas in Myanmar at the hands of the Tatmadaw (Myanmar Army) is a matter of serious concern for NSCN,” it said in a statement issued through its MIP.
The NSCN (IM) said the chaotic situation created by the “blatant offensive” of the Tatmadaw has destabilized the livelihood of the Naga villagers as the Naga people are made to bear the brunt of the Tatmadaw onslaught.
“What has happened to Hoyat and Laonyu villages is just another act of treachery which will not help strengthen the peace process started by Myanmar government under the 2012 ceasefire agreement. All concern stakeholders must abide by this ceasefire agreement in the interest of creating conducive atmosphere for lasting peace,” it stated.
Asking the Government of Myanmar to take cognizance of the historical and political rights of the Nagas and go for peaceful means because neither India nor Myanmar is an enemy of the Nagas, the NSCN (IM) said any differences should be solved through peaceful political process. It also urged the Myanmar government or Tatmadaw to understand the deep sentiment of the Nagas who have withstood all hardships to stand by their historical and political rights.
Aggression of the Indian armed forces in collaboration with the Myanmar armed forces on the rights of the Nagas in that part of Naga territory in the guise of flushing out the Meitei armed groups – UNLF, PLA and ULFA from Assam is a naked and deliberate violation of human rights, it stated.
“Given the hostility shown by the Tatmadaw’s operation in the so-called Indo-Myanmar corridors, the road to peaceful solution may get jeopardized if they fail to recognize the need for trust, respect and mutual understanding that goes together in solving a political problem that is more complex than one could see.”
Stating that Nagas cannot stay aloof from what fellow Nagas in the east under Myanmar occupation are going through at the hands of the Tatmadaw, the NSCN expressed profound solidarity with them at this critical stage of their suffering. It also appealed to all Nagas without borders to raise their voice of concern to drive home the message that the whole Nagas are with them. (Page News Service)