Creative Writings

My First Home

The purest of love,
The anchor of life,
Mama of all dramas,
Teachers who never get paid,
You love me more than
I can love myself.

Your womb- my first home,
Your son’s first love,
Your daughter’s last.
My forever inspiration.

You keep my table clean,
The only one who asks where I’ve been,
You protect me!

Mothers create wonders.
Was and will be the safest home,
Your heartbeat kept me alive,
It was magic between your thighs
You could handle this rough tide.
Still, like ocean strides,
When I go astray, you are my natural guide.
Always by my side.

There is grace in your pride,
You see my tears even if I don’t cry.
You still keep me alive,
You give me wings to fly.
You enable me to face this
Crazy wide world.
Mother, you give me no choice
But to love you more!

Thank you for the shoes,
I can walk my life as I do.
I see the world because of you.
Because of you, I stay today…
Because of you, I pray today…
Because of, I stay on my way…
Because of you, I slay. Everyday!

Dear God, I pray.
Keep mothers in Heaven as Your weapon
Wrapped around Your arms
Like the horizon caresses the setting sun.
Keep mothers on earth as Your evidence,
Because of them, we can say You were here.

I don’t know if this is enough
But Mother, congratulations!
You are raising me well.
Because of you, I feel beautiful and alive,
Nothing short of Kings and Queens
Ready to fight!

Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. And Forever,
I love you!

(This is a slam poetry written to be performed at Khiamniungan Baptist Church, Tuensang.)