Thursday, June 17, 2021

Multi Public Utility Centre inaugurated at Dist Hospital Dimapur

Multi Utility Centre

Dimapur, January 11: On behalf of the Dimapur Area Ao Baptist Churches & Ao Civil Societies Co-ordination Committee on Covid-19, Rev. L Kari Longchar on Monday handed over the documents and keys of the Multi Public Utility Centre that the committee has constructed in the premises of the District Hospital Dimapur, to the management of the hospital.

The inauguration ceremony of the centre, which has been constructed at a cost exceeding Rs 10 lakh, is a by-product of the committee’s initiative of managing three quarantine centres at Dimapur Government College from June 1 to June 20 last year.
Supu Jamir, Convener of the committee, in his welcome address, mentioned that after the committee started the initiative with zero budget, it received contributions from different organizations that exceeded the need, thereby prompting the committee to refuse accepting contributions of some and instead directed them to approach other organizations serving the people.
According to him, even the 245 returnees accommodated in the quarantine centres irrespective of caste and creed donated Rs 43,361 and as a token of reciprocation and tribute to everyone who had contributed towards the successful management of the centers, the committee in consultation with the Ao community of Dimapur and with due approval and guidance from the Dimapur District hospital authority decided to build and donate a Multi Public Utility Center at the District Hospital Dimapur using the contributions.
Initially, Rs 5 lakh was sanctioned for the construction of the centre, but the budget incurred in the end was 100% more of the sanctioned amount. However, Jamir said that the amount doesn’t matter as long as the purpose of serving the needy, ailing and the society is fulfilled and this makes the committee happier and more satisfied.
In his address, he asked the people, leaders and Churches to treat the facility as the Biblical Pool of Bethesda and prayed that let everyone who comes in its shade be healed. He also appealed to the hospital authority to handle the facility with maximum care and maintain it properly.
Jamir also had mentioned that of the 245 returnees, none were diagnosed with the virus and the 100 trees that they planted on the occasion of the World Environment Day in the premises of the quarantine centres are growing well.
Medical Superintendent of the hospital Dr. Keveduyi Theyo, who received the documents and keys on behalf of the hospital, assured the committee that the centre will be properly taken care of and a committee will be set up immediately to look after the maintenance of the facility under the convenership of Dr. Temsu, Blood Bank incharge of the hospital.

Dr. Theyo commented that this was not the first time that the community came forward with such initiatives as prior to that a shed was constructed in the hospital premises by DABA which is still in use and during the pandemic too much assistance, monetary and otherwise, was received.
The Multi Public Utility Centre has provisions for four toilets, two bathrooms, UV purified drinking water point, hand washing and face washing booths, mobile phone charging points and can accommodate 20 people at a time.
The inauguration programme was attended by representatives of different organisations, members of the committee and medical staffs of the hospital. (Page News Service)