Sunday, April 11, 2021

MUK Session-cum-Picnic held


Dimapur, November 8: The Makromi United Kohima of Kidima village held its 9th session cum picnic on November 7 at Nagi Park, Jotsoma with Immunization Officer, Health & Family Welfare, Kekuse Rikha as the main speaker.
On the occasion, the speaker mentioned that the purpose of having an organization in the capital city of Kohima is to look after the welfare of one another irrespective of rich or poor. He also urged all the members present to come out from their comfort zone and support one another both in good or in bad times. He appealed all the members to show love and respect with one another besides maintaining unity and integrity amongst ourselves.
He also added that politics and religion should not be given a chance to dilute our unity or make us separate from one another as he said, “these two are the root cause of division in our society”. Stressing on the importance of unity, he quoted ” united we stand, divided we fall” stating that unity is the most important factor to bring development and understanding in our society. Therefore, he strongly urged all the MUK members to stand united and look forward to have better understanding and cooperation in the coming days.
Secretary report was delivered by Secretary MUK, Virahol Kiso. Senior Pastor, Baptist Church Kidima, Rev. Keholeshii Tepa invoked God’s blessing while the programme was chaired by Tepulel Rikha. Vote of thanks was proposed by Vice President MUK, Vikekul Tepa and the benediction prayer was offered by Pastor, Cross Wonder Church Kohima, Puchosel Kiso.
Altogether, around 100 members attended the programme.
A new team of office bearers for the tenure 2018 – 2020 was also elected on the occasion with
Dr. P. Tepekrovi Kiso as president, Thoneil Rikha-vice president, Vingozo Kizo-secretary, Tepuneil Tepa-treasurer.
(Page News Service)