Saturday, February 27, 2021

MTLT urges citizens to remain calm, follow guidelines

Dimapur, July 1: Following the report of the first COVID-19 positive case in the district, the Mokokchung Town Lanur Telongjem (MTLT) has appealed to all the citizens of Mokokchung district to remain calm and follow proper guidelines issued by Government agencies.
“It was a matter of when, not why; the COVID-19 virus would enter our society. So, it is nothing surprising that we have our first COVID-19 positive case in our district. The number might go up in the days to come. However, the past four months of lockdown by the government has been a preparatory stage for us. In fact, it was not only the District Task Force, but every citizen of Mokokchung, who have been prayerfully preparing for an unprecedented situation such as this,” it said.
Stating that we are going through an extraordinary period in human history; and the people of Mokokchung along with the rest of Nagaland, will either survive together or perish together, the MTLT strongly appealed the people not to stigmatize or discriminate COVID-19 patients, the suspected cases or their immediate family members or community.
“If there is a time that calls for standing together in the name of humanity, then the time is now. Stigma and discrimination will ensure a human tragedy where we will be left bereft of our own humane traits of love and compassion,” it stated.
The MTLT appealed the people to be careful of one’s own health – to always wear mask, maintain proper hygiene, maintain proper social distancing – and importantly do away with social stigma on our own brothers and sisters, daughters and sons, fathers and mothers.
(Page News Service)