Monday, January 18, 2021
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MTLT demands proper maintenance of NH-702D

MTLT June 3

Mokokchung, June 3: The Mokokchung Town Lanur Telongjem (MTLT) has expressed deep concern over the pathetic condition of National Highway 702-D (Mariani-Mokokchung road), which it said is posing serious threat to truckers and inconveniences to travelers on the road.
The National Highway 702D is the economic lifeline not only for the people of Mokokchung district but also for the neighboring sister districts of Tuensang and Zunheboto. The stretch of road near Chungtia village, popularly called ‘June linen’ (a landslide area that usually occurs during the month of June every year), is also posing much hardship to the truckers especially during this COVID-19 pandemic in the State.
Responding to the call of concern expressed from different quarters, the Mokokchung Town Lanur Telongjem officials conducted an on-the-spot inspection along the National Highway 702D and interacted with department supervisors engaged in the earth cutting works in the ‘June Linen’ area.
The MTLT expressed appreciation to the officials and labourers engaged in the road construction works who are tirelessly working to make the road safe for motorists and truckers ferrying essential commodities to the different districts. The MTLT said it is overwhelmed that the landowners – Chungtia and Aliba villagers – are providing all out support and cooperation to the concern department towards the construction and maintenance of this important road.
However, the MTLT strongly asserted that this stretch of road, which is a sinking area, has been causing much inconvenience to the people for the past 2-3decades. Even this year, before the onset of the monsoon season, the road had sunk and it was rendered not fit for traveling from to time, it said.
The MTLT pointed out that the truckers ferrying essential commodities to the different districts are one of the most important frontline warriors in the fight against the COVID-19 virus. The people remain dependent on the truckers in the midst of this extraordinary situation that the whole State and the country is going through, it said adding the MTLT is much concerned about the safety of the truck drivers and the co-drivers who have to maneuver through the treacherous road while bringing essential commodities to the different towns in northern Nagaland.
The MTLT strongly urged the concerned authority, PWD (National Highway), to give topmost priority to NH-702D and make the road safe for the truckers and motorists at the earliest.
Appreciating the hardships that the State Government or the concern department might be facing in times such as this; the MTLT however said there can be no excuse for not carrying out development works especially on an important economic route like the NH-702D. It urged the Government to formulate some long term strategy – like either making a road diversion or constructing some concrete retaining walls – so that the this economic lifeline does not pose anymore threat or inconveniences in the days and years to come. (Page News Service)