Friday, September 24, 2021
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MTLT condemns demand letter to business community


‘Will not allow Mkg market economy to rot under fear of threats’

Mokokchung, April 23: Mokokchung Town Lanur Telongjem (MTLT) has condemned the demand letter issued to the business community in Mokokchung town by a certain Naga Political Group (NPG), which, it said, has shocked the citizens of the town and affected the peaceful environment of the town.
In a press release, the MTLT said it stands in solidarity with the Mokokchung Chamber of Commerce and Industries (MCCI) which has taken a strong exception to the demand letter and has resolved not to give in to the demand by the unspecified Naga political group.
It asserted that such demand letter asking for money to the tune of Rs 10 lakhs is unreasonable, unacceptable and totally against the growth of the economy of Mokokchung town. It pointed out that Mokokchung market is relatively small and the business community, whether holding a big or small enterprise, has been sustaining despite the challenges faced in a small community.
Besides, the business community of Mokokchung town, irrespective of tribe or community has always been playing an integral role in the development of the town and has taken proactive roles in good and bad times for the welfare of the society.
The MTLT viewed the recent demand letter by that certain NPG as detrimental to the growth of Mokokchung town’s economy and also against the peaceful environment of the town and condemned such demand letters which would lead to nothing but simply strangle the fledging economy of the town.
The MTLT said it will not allow Mokokchung town market economy to rot under the fear of threats of any kind.
The MTLT also urged the district administration and the police to take cognizance of the developments taking place in the town as it is causing harassments to the citizens of the town. It requested the Government agencies to take strong pragmatic measures to prevent such unwanted activities in the town. The MTLT further cautioned that such harassment to the business community, who are mostly bona fide citizens of the town, might soon lead to uncontrollable and untoward incident which will be most regrettable for all concerned.
The district administration and law enforcing agencies is urged to take stock of the matter immediately lest the situation spirals out of hand, the MTLT stated. (Page News Service)