Friday, June 25, 2021
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MRVC: State achieves 90% coverage till date


Dimapur, November 3: Nagaland has achieved 90.14% coverage in the ongoing Measles Rubella vaccination campaign (MRVC) as of November 2.With just a few days left to conclude the campaign, the total children successfully vaccinated through numerous school and outreach sessions in the State stand at 4,04,304.
Reiterating the need to achieve 100% coverage in the State, the Department of Health & Family Welfare explained that when a high percentage of the population is vaccinated, it is difficult for infectious diseases to spread, because there are not many people who can be infected.
The requirement for all children between 9 months up to 15 years who are most susceptible to getting infected with Measles and Rubella to be 100% vaccinated with MR vaccine is of the highest priority for the success of this national campaign towards making our State free from these life-threatening diseases, the department said.
Urging all responsible parent and community to take this task as a moral and social responsibility towards making our society free from such vaccine preventable diseases for which there are no guaranteed treatment methods, the department informed that once the campaign is over, MR vaccine will be available only under routine immunization which will be administered only at 9 months and 16 months to a child and hence older children will not be able to avail the vaccine anymore.
“Therefore, all are reminded not to miss this opportunity and visit any government health facility for vaccination at the earliest,” it informed.
(Page News Service)