Thursday, June 24, 2021

MR awareness campaign at Bhandari

Dimapur, September 9: The second Measles and Rubella awareness campaign was held at Additional Deputy Commissioner, Bhandari’s conference hall on September 7 under the chairmanship of Additional Deputy Commissioner Bhandari, Tiameren Chang, chairman of block task force committee, Bhandari.
In his opening remark he called on all the members of the task force to continue to actively participate in creating awareness and to disseminate information for the up coming Measles Rubella Vaccination campaign which will be launched on October 3 in the sub-division along with the rest of the State.
Dr. Lipokrenla Ao, CHC, Bhandari requested the members to follow the laid out communication plan in order to mobilise the community for cent percent participation and to systematically coordinate with the health workers to make the vaccination campaign successful.
She also stated that children from nine months to less than fifteen years are the targeted beneficiaries, and sought that teachers, parents, Church leaders and NGO platforms are all equally important and responsible platforms to create awareness to protect children against life threatening consequences associated with Measles and Rubella disease.
The campaign meeting was attended by medical department, heads of departments of the sub division, students’ union leaders, Church leaders, GBS and Dobashis, teachers and NGOs as block task force campaign committee members.
(Page News Service)