Mother-daughter drowns in Phesama

Mother-daughter drowns  in Phesama

Kohima, July 29: In an unfortunate incident, 2 out of 3 females, mother and daughter drowned in Dzücharü River, Phesama village, Kohima before reaching yesterday’s mudslide area.
NSDMA sources said that on receiving information State Disaster Rescue Force (SDRF) swung into action by dividing into two teams along with the Phesama local community.
The incident occurred in the afternoon around 2:30 p.m. when they were on the cliff to collect pig fodder and slipped into the river, sources said.
After conducting thorough search and rescue operations, they managed to retrieve the mother identified as Chikumla of Tsotokur village, Tuensang district from a cliff with multiple injuries and in semi-conscious state, NSDMA sources said, adding she was rushed to Bethel hospital.
Search for the daughter Sorila (13) is in progress as inclement weather hampered the rescue operation tonight but will resume early tomorrow for the daughter, sources said.
The third lady is identified as Yanchila, sister of Chikumla, NSDMA sources added.
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