Monday, June 21, 2021

More than 3000 stranded people from Kohima relocated

Dimapur, May 9: The Kohima District Administration have so far facilitated the relocation of more than 3000 stranded people to their home districts and states in three days. Still there are more than 3000 stranded people in Kohima waiting to be transported back to their respective Districts.
The District Administration has been working tirelessly since May 7 to facilitate the travel of stranded persons in Kohima to go back to their respective districts.
Today, on the third day of the transportation exercise altogether 29 buses carrying 774 stranded persons departed from Kohima to various districts in the State. Out of the 29 buses 5 buses went to Zunheboto, 1 to Meluri, 6 buses to Dimapur, 1 bus to Jalukie, 2 buses to Mokokchung, 12 buses to Longleng, 1 bus to Pughoboto and 1 bus to Kiphire.
On May 8, there was huge turnout with people flocking in huge numbers to the facilitation center at Kohima Local Ground, wanting to return to their respective Districts and States.
A total of 28 buses carrying 983 passengers moved out from Kohima to various districts across Nagaland and also to the neighbouring States of Assam and Manipur. Out of the 28 buses 5 buses went to Assam, 2 buses to Mao Gate (Manipur), 1 bus to Mokokchung, 2 buses to Wokha, 3 buses to Chozouba, 1 bus to Tuensang, 3 buses to Dimapur, 3 buses to Meluri, 2 buses to Peren, 2 buses to Phek, 1 bus to Noklak and 3 buses to Kiphire.
With just a few days left before the inter district movement is closed in the state and not overlooking the issue of bus shortage in Kohima, the Kohima District administration is facing a very challenging task in transporting such a massive number of stranded people within a very short time span.
However the Kohima District is working tirelessly throughout the day and is determined to ensure that all stranded people in Kohima are able to go back to their respective districts.
A total of 318 stranded locals have been transported to respective districts and sub – divisions from Tuensang. With the government allowing for inter districts movement of stranded locals due to COVID-19 lock down, the Tuensang District Administration has transported more than 318 passengers comprising of local indigenous students, daily waged earners and others from Tuensang to other districts and Sub-Divisions from May 7 to 9.
Today, 5 buses with 35 passengers from Tuensang to Dimapur, 1 bus with 9 passengers from Tuensang to Kohima, 1 bus with 39 passengers from Tuensang to Noklak and 1 bus with 13 passengers from Tuensang to Shamator have been transported.
On May 7, 30 stranded passengers were ferried from the district of 1bus each to Dimapur with 21and Kohima with 7 and 2 passengers to Mokokchung in the first batche. The buses and passengers received on the first day were, 4 buses from Dimapur to Tuensang, 2 to Noklak, 1 to Shamator and 7 buses from Kohima to Tuensang have been received and monitored. Sent out from the district are as follows ; Noklak to Kohima o5 passengers, Noklak to Dimapur 13, Tuensang to Kohima 18, Tuensang to Dimapur 51, Tuensang to Mokokchung 03, Shamator to Dimapur 06, Tuensang to Wokha 04, Tuensang to Thronger village 05, Mangangkhi village 01, Noklak with 48 passengers were transported.
A dedicated facilitation Cell which has been set up at DC office Tuensang with SDO (C) as Nodal along with EAC HQ, Puhan and SS NST S. Meju as members has monitored the whole process.
(Page News Service)