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More orgs call for peace in Manipur

Nagaland News

DIMAPUR, MAY 6: In the wake of the violence in Manipur, various organizations have called for peace and unity, while condemning the incidents of violence.
The Global Naga Forum (GNF) has appealed for an end to violence on all fronts. It called upon Nagas worldwide to remain vigilant, understanding that the challenges of the present and the pursuit of a better future are more crucial than dwelling on the darker aspects of the past and the current situation. Let us strive for peace, unity and understanding as we work towards a harmonious society where every individual is respected and valued.
The GNF expressed deep condolences to the grieving families who have lost their loved ones in the recent devastating events in Manipur and also stood in solidarity with those who have been injured and their families, wishing them a swift recovery and strength in their journey towards healing.
The Forum said the hate-filled acts of brutality, particularly targeted at the Kuki communities, along with the looting, wanton destruction of property, and despicable burning of churches, are clear violations of the principles of human decency and civilized behaviour and unequivocally condemned these actions.
The Forum said while it is difficult to accept that such sustained and widespread violence could be a spontaneous reaction to a peaceful rally organized by the Scheduled Tribe communities of Manipur against the Meiteis’ demand for inclusion as a Scheduled Tribe, the underlying reasons are not entirely apparent.
It said the Kangleipak Kanba Lup’s memorandum, requesting the inclusion of Meiteis as Scheduled Tribes, sheds light on their motivations, citing benefits such as employment opportunities and preservation of indigenous ethnic identity.
The GNF also appealed to the mainland Indian media not to sensationalize and exploit the ST demand by the Meitei community as a religious conflict between Hindus and Christians.
It urged the media to report responsibly, promote unbiased narratives and contribute to a constructive dialogue that promotes understanding and harmony among all communities involved.
The Angami Baptist Church Council (ABCC) has expressed concerns over the ongoing violence in the neighbouring State of Manipur and the consequent sufferings faced by her people and the Christian community in particular.
The ABCC condemned the atrocities meted out against innocent civilians, merciless killings, vandalizing of properties and burning of churches and institutions.
It also appealed to the people of Manipur to shun violence immediately and chose the path of mutual respect and peaceful negotiation so that peace and brotherhood may prevail in the valley.
At the time of crisis, the ABCC also stood in solidarity with the victims, their families and Christian brothers and sisters.
The Naga Mother’s Association (NMA) has condemned the killings and ongoing mob riots of arson and destruction of churches and private properties and appealed for peace and an end to violence and bloodshed in Manipur.
The NMA called upon the Chief Minister of Manipur to ensure that respect for human rights is strictly maintained and protected by the State government and guardians of the law.
“We urge our long time friends, the Meira Paibis and the Kuki women of Manipur to facilitate for peace and sanity amongst our communities. We appreciate the Mothers and women of Churachandpur who ensured safe passage of the Meities living there,” the NMA said and conveyed deepest condolences for the loss of lives.
The Zofa Global Network (ZGN), an apolitical body comprising all the Zofa ethnic groups (Chin-Mizo-Kuki-Zomi) in India and abroad, has expressed deep concern on the sudden outbreak of communal clashes in Manipur, as a result of which the hitherto peaceful co-existence among various communities in Manipur has been seriously disturbed.
The ZGN is shocked to learn that uncountable numbers of Zofa families are among those who suffered material losses in this incident and now they live with fear for their lives in the hill and the valley.
It appealed to them to maintain calm and resilience, however much the provocation might be.
The ZGN believed that both the parties ought to take conscious steps to immediately defuse the tense situation to prevent it from spilling over outside Manipur. It also suggested a dialogue among the cool-headed senior citizens of both sides.
It further appealed to all communities to remember their time- tested past bonhomie and mutual goodwill which are too precious to be destroyed overnight by a momentary mutual misunderstanding.
It also said that the Network would be ever available to be a party to any honest attempt to bring about peace and brotherly co-existence in Manipur.
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