Thursday, March 30, 2023

Moral morass

It is said that society never remains static, it is dynamic and changes take place with its own momentum. So it is the responsibility of social scientists to keep an eye on the social developments. And also keep abreast general public about the changes taking place. However meaningful social research in our part of the world is still at nascent stages. We may have to wait for some more time, for a well-researched insight on the changing dynamics of the society. In the absence of an in-depth study, one may have to rely upon symptoms to understand the ever-changing situation. A word of caution, whence conclusions are drawn on the basis of mere symptoms; it is always advisable not to pronounce final verdicts. But once symptoms become galore, it is better to discuss the issues. Our children nowadays have grown arrogant, abrasive, and impolite. Some people may go as far as calling the generation X as uncultured. This is a sweeping statement. Ridiculing an entire generation is not fair. Present day youth is a creative lot; their enterprising skills need to be appropriately appreciated. Nonetheless it is a grim reality; our youth are not well versed with their culture. They are not grounded in any moral/ethical system. Stereotyping the new generation as rebels is absolutely a wrong notion. One becomes rebel only to what is imposed or introduced to him. Where is a moral system intact in the society to rebel against? Do we teach our children not to steal and lie? Do we inculcate in our children the virtues of honesty, dedication, and loyalty? Do we take pains to educate the youth about cultural values and family traditions? Do we demonstrate from our own moral conduct that sexual waywardness’ is recipe for disaster? Who is the role model for our children? Can a corrupt father and unfaithful husband instill the qualities of honesty and moral discipline to his growing son? Can a spendthrift morally insolvent mother lead her daughter towards modest and civilized way of living? Can a morally and materially corrupt teacher provide a moral and ethical framework to his student? And can a preacher, flustered and puzzled because of Western cultural onslaught, lead a young man/woman towards the path of salvation? If home, school and society have all failed, wherefrom the children will learn the values? Today career oriented education system is churning out professionals only; children to become good human beings are nobody’s concern. Pleasure driven; our sole emphasis is to amass wealth by hook or crook. Children only follow what their parents do; undisciplined upbringing has spoiled our children. Initially we care less for their moral well-being. When they turn out to be monsters, we start rubbing our hands in exasperation. It is not rebellion against the society and the moral systems; the youth of today is faced with a deep moral vacuum. Religion and social values can never be imposed; these can be imbibed only. It ought to be the responsibility of the elders not only to provide moral frameworks, but also to lead from the front. Do we talk with our growing-up children? Do they understand us and are we capable of engaging the generation next? Do we understand their anxieties? And do we have solutions to many of the moral and ethical dilemmas the young generation is faced with due to the onslaught of modernity. While first generation is distressingly moving away from time tested and centuries evolved moral and ethical standards, young ones seems to be quiet oblivious of any moral system. It is a well established fact; our society today is mired in a moral morass. It is true that conflict dehumanizes a society and the unresolved Naga issue has adversely impacted the moral health of the society. But to lay entire blame for our moral and ethical vulnerabilities on the ongoing conflict is tantamount to an ostrich mentality. Much of our problems are of our own making, our moral systems are crumbling not because of conflict or turmoil. Wicked chase of materialism has made us blind; we have almost lost sense of good and bad, right and wrong, fair and foul. We usually lament generation next has gone berserk; but the atrocious behavior of our children is the true reflection of our present moral and ethical standing.