Moral education


We are today witness to a flawed sense of competition that has gripped educational institutions in the State, and which if not corrected will have adverse consequences in the long run. A student wants to be better than other students; a school wants to be better than other schools, which, of course, is good and healthy but only to a certain point. Every school is ridiculously trying to ensure that one of its students get into the top three rankings in the board exams. The schools are only solicitous in making their bright students better than the bright students of other schools. But in these competitive schools, mostly found on the back benches are the dull students, larger in number than the bright ones and the intellectual gap between these two groups of students is immense. In a class where one student easily understands the complex laws of physics, there is another student who cannot even spell “physics”! Yes, both these students were taught in the same school, in the same class, but the gap between their knowledge is very wide. But how is this even possible? Perhaps, this is the negative impact of too much of competition. It is a fact that nowadays the education system only aims at economic uplift. As a result, man has turned into a highly competitive being. But at the same time, he has turned into a self centred creature busy in this race. Need gives rise to greed! It is this self centred competitive modern life that has led to such greed. As a result, the whole scheme is moving towards destruction. Life is under stress. In this background, it has become imperative to revisit the modern education system. The main segment of spirituality is required to be assimilated in the course of studies. Moral studies need to be included in the curriculum. Only then, the present generation may get a sense of life. It is the only way to make them grateful to their Lord. While ungratefulness ruins the life, this will bring satisfaction in life. The first step in the direction of spiritual education is gratefulness. For a child, it starts from the cradle. The child must be taught the importance and the status of mother’s lap. If he is convinced in his early years that it is the greatest gift of his Lord, he would remain submissive to for whole of his life. Modern age is the age of competition. Sadly it has converted man into a selfish being. It is a fact that a child learns the most in the first few years. During this period, the impact of imparting spiritual education to the child will be most as the child has least contact with the outside world. We know that modern society is a civilised one but, unfortunately, the uncivilized acts are countless. Our social setup is either ruled by the law of jungle. The social tag of man is just like a price tag. Technology is manifesting a number of misfortunes under the guise of development and progress. Moral values and ethics are disappearing. Social aberrations are dominating. These aberrations can be only addressed by our education system. We know that education is of two types – formal and informal. Basic schooling and certification of a child include formal education. Formal education makes a child educated and literate. Nowadays, formal education is a priority while informal education is being ignored, although it is equally important. If a society has to follow the track of development, citizens must be educated both formally as well as informally. Formal education is time bound. Informal education is a life long process. Every person learns from his day to day experiences to remain grateful and submissive to God. This is the only way to achieve a harmonious life. Many societies with best formal education are yet to get rid of negative minds. This is because of the lack of informal education. To get rid of negative minds and bad habits, moral education needs to be incorporated into the curriculum. Sure our government is doing a lot to make the education system more efficient and effective, but those efforts will be fruitless until the moral education and education at formal level is not introduced.