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Monalisa’s “Middles” to be released today


Dimapur, December 2: The latest book of senior Journalist, Writer & Poet, Monalisa Changkija, titled, Middles, published by Heritage Publications, will be released on December 3, 2018, at Foyer, NDBA Hall (above Bamboo Pavilion), Kisama at 3.30 p.m. The book release is jointly organized by Heritage Publications, and Wordsmithereens (NEWF), the Nagaland Chapter of the North East Writers’ Forum.
Reverend Z Keyho, General-Secretary of the Nagaland Baptist Churches Council will release the book.
Commenting on the book, Dr AJ Sebastian sdb, Professor (Rtd) and former HoD English, Nagaland University, said in the collection of essays and stories, Monalisa Changkija recounts her life lesions with their twists and turns and that she has something new to offer with a superb mix of emotions and reason.
Novelist and translator, Mitra Phukan observed that the ‘lively and empathetic’ collection, born from the writer’s varied experiences, and layered over with her observations and analyses, is very engrossing read.
“Never a dull moment with Monalisa Changkija. She takes the reader on a whirlwind tour through varied topics. Our vivacious lady has once again come out with her guns blazing ~ this time through her collection of essays that will surely keep the reader flipping the pages till the last!”, said Sebastian Zumvu commenting on the book.
Mona Zote, a Poet, observed that Monalisa Changkija has offered a series of anecdotes encompassing her early forays into journalism to neighbourly gossip, ranging from the delightful to the amusing to thought-provoking. This is a collection of personal stories that provide us a rare glimpse into the life of one of our most renowned journalists, Zote stated.
Writer & Poet, Mamang Dai commented that the book is written with deep personal conviction and is an encounter with a few home-truths and the journalist’s eye sifting through situations and realities in search of the ‘The human thing’.
Dhurba Hazarika, Writer, said the book has sensitively reflected Monalisa Changkija’s vibrant, often tumultuous, region with all its multi-faceted events in the collection. Each story is engrossing, each, an anecdotal experience, encompassing nuggets from everyday life, he stated, adding Changkija is undoubtedly a brilliant story-teller.