Monalisa’s book “Middles” launched in Dimapur


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Dimapur, December 11: The latest book of the eminent journalist, writer and poet, Monalisa Changkija titled, “Middles” was launched today at her residence in Dimapur by Principal NEISSR, Rev Dr C P Anto.
Speaking on the occasion, Dr Anto described Monalisa Changkija as a person who has been setting a new trend in Nagaland, and a person who has been a thought provoking speaker for children and youth of the state.
Stating that ‘Middles’ is a unique book, where the writer has touched people from all walks of life, including children and youth, Dr Anto said the book is a brilliant satire, with contemporary issues, social, religious and economics of Nagaland where every reader is enlightened to take a decision. He said the book also inspires to bring changes in the families and discusses about endemic and pandemic diseases of our life.
He further said that the book is going to bring changes in the society and inspire everyone.
Fr (Dr) A J Sebastian sdb, Professor (Rtd), Nagaland University asked as to who is a good writer and went on to describe one as a person who loves to write, can maintain a good structure of the language, has good observation skills, in self motivated and have professionalism in writing.
He said Monalisa Changkija has all these qualities and that there is never a dull moment with her.
Fr Sebastian said Changkija writes in a way that delights and instructs the reader at the same time.
Dr S Elika Assumi, Assistant Professor, Department of English, ICFAI University Nagaland, Dimapur, in her commentary, said that the book presents a collection of non-fictional essays in the tradition of writing Middles in journalism and each chapter addresses a variety of issues prevalent in the society.
She further said the book addresses everyday life in the Naga society, not as a vitriolic criticism as many would assume would be the case when critical observations are made about own society, but as a witty and refined approach to an interpretation of social ambivalences.
In her address, author of the book, Monalisa Changkija recounted how she managed to publish the book “Middles” despite going through the agony of the loss of her husband last year and the kind of “cultural and customary” victimization that most Ao women without sons and brothers suffer, which included blatant falsehoods, insinuations and deliberate character-assassination.
She disclosed that how the regular meetings of writers and poets called themselves the Wordsmithereens led to discourse on issues literary in Nagaland, which led from one thing to another and soon they thought of publishing the first volume of poems, short-stories and essay of the Wordsmithereens.
She said she polished few chapters of the book she had written since June 2017, wrote a few more and asked some friends here and other northeastern states to tell her if they are worth publishing and if so help edit them. She said the support she received boosted her self-confidence.
“The way my book has come to being is not only a generational relay in action but a prime example of ‘strong persons building one another up'” she said. (See full text)
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