Saturday, May 8, 2021

Mon District detoxification camp launched

Dimapur, January 23: Mon District detoxification camp, organised by Konyak Union’s Committee on Drug Addiction Mitigation and Prevention (CoDAMP), was launched on January 18 at Tompang Ward, Mon Town. The programme was chaired by Nockpai, President, KVCU & member CoDAMP.
Dr Chenjei, convener, CoDAMP said that on September 4, 2019 all civil society organisations under the aegis of Konyak Union decided to address the issue of rampant drug addiction in Mon District and constituted a consultative committee by the name on Drug Addiction Mitigation and Prevention (CoDAMP) to be the think tank to take the project forward.
Under the programme formulated by CoDAMP, conducting detoxification camps for addicts in all affected villages and towns will be the first phase of the demand reduction plan. This phase of the programme is a community driven and community funded programme. Further Phase 1 is targeted to be completed by June 2020, over which it has set an estimated target of covering 5000 addicts. Subsequent camps will be conducted in the remaining wards simultaneously. The detoxification camp is for the entire Mon District and is envisaged for a period of five years.
He stated that a two days training programme for detox camp coordinators was organised by CoDAMP, where 28 volunteers were trained to be the camp coordinators of detoxification camps across Mon District.
Congratulating Tompang Ward, which out of 11 wards in Mon District is the first to come up with a detoxification camp, he thanked all the civil societies led by Konyak Union that have contributed towards the success of the programme.
President, Konyak Union highlighted on the menace of drug addiction and its consequences and called upon everyone to offer their cooperation and to unitedly fight against drug addiction.
Superintendent of Police, Mon, Imnalensa, IPS called upon the participants of the camp to examine their lives before and after getting involved in drugs and challenged them to turn their life around.
Deputy Commissioner, Mon Thavaseelan K, IAS said this initiative is all-out war against drug addiction which should have started many years ago, given the seriousness of drug addiction. Stating that the drug addiction problem is a supply and demand problem, both the demand and supply side should be attacked simultaneously. He called upon the participants to take control of their lives and lead a purposeful life.
(Page News Service)