Thursday, September 23, 2021

Modi wins

With the BJP getting a landslide victory in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted “India wins yet again”. Leads show that the BJP will again get a clear majority on its own bettering the 282 seats it won in the 2014 general elections. “Together we grow. Together we prosper. Together we will build a strong and inclusive India. India wins yet again! #VijayiBharat,” PM Modi tweeted this evening. Whether the BJP win is really a win for India and its citizens remain to be seen, as this would largely depend on how the NDA will govern in its second term. But one thing is clear; the corporate class has really won with today’s verdict. Be that as may be there’s no denying that the BJP campaign led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi defied several preconceived notions. BJP chief Amit Shah also said the massive win is the victory of PM Modi’s development and the people’s trust in him. “This victory is India’s victory. This is the victory of the hopes of youths, the poor, and farmers. This massive win is the victory of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s development and the people’s trust in him. On the behalf of crores of BJP workers, I congratulate Narendra Modi,” Shah tweeted. The results declared today was however a forgone conclusion with almost all exit polls indicating the NDA getting the majority. The point is that even though these exit polls have gone wrong many times in the past, yet the general impression given by all the TV news channels was that NDA will get a comfortable majority to form the next government. From the extensive media coverage it was evident that Narendra Modi was selling himself as a product rather than a living person with feelings, emotions, and principles. He was advertised as a very attractive and nice buyable product promising moon to Indians. Thousands of crores were spent on this product promotion. There was no dearth of money. But having said that, it must be understood that democracy is essentially a process of carrying forward a nation on the path of development to a better and higher life style. It is for the nation to explore ways how this objective can be achieved. It will be using the methodology of trial and error. Objectives are same for the winners and the losers but it is the methodology that matters. In technical terms it is called governance and good governance is the key to successful, balanced and inclusive development. From the results that have come in, the electorate has, in its wisdom, decided to give another chance to the BJP-led NDA to provide space to good governance. What has been so vociferously called change precisely means the search for good governance. It is obvious that the majority of the electorate voted for the good governance, transparency and enforcement of law and order and above all eradication of corruption and retrieving the good image of the nation. We have a plethora of problems in our country. Some of these are directly hitting ordinary people. These have to be addressed. Looking at the task ahead, the BJP has been given another chance to bring in that changes that will ensure better life for the ordinary citizens. It has no time to waste or to go on deriding the opposition parties and its policies. Tasks that are to be performed are far more important, more pressing and more urgent than idle or boastful talks. It is a sombre occasion of girding up the loins and to begin the huge and crucial task of repairing what stands damaged. People will judge the new government by its performance and delivery, by its initiatives and courageous policies, by rejuvenating economy and reinstating clean and swift administration, which unfortunately was missing in its first term. To our great despair today we are rated high among corrupt countries in the world. The next government has the responsibility to cleanse the image that stands tarnished and make all efforts to restore India to her traditional status and respectability. It is the governance that has been thrown to winds. Governance deficit comes in when those who are to govern become victims of corruption and maladministration. And when there is no accountability, bad governance gets entrenched.