Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Modi wants to see Naga political struggle die a natural death: K Therie


DIMAPUR, FEBRUARY 25: President of the Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC), K Therie today claimed that the BJP and its alliance partner, NDPP would land into trouble in few months time (even if they form the government).
Talking to media persons this afternoon, Therie said, “BJP-NDPP are already fighting with the LJP (RV) and RPI in the elections and LJP (RV) and RPI are fighting against the NDPP.”
Exuding confidence that the Congress party would do well in the election, the NPCC chief said there is no reason to doubt his candidates are losing if people stand for the implementation of Naga political solution.
He also said he is optimistic that the regional secular alliance would form the government in Nagaland.
Stating that two prominent national leaders, Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and AICC President, Mallikarjun Kharge addressed rallies for their respective parties in the State indicating the will of the political parties, Therie said it is very clear from listening to the AICC President and also PM Modi that Kharge has made things very clear that he would uphold the aspiration of the people of Nagaland by way of upholding Article 371 (A).
Therie said Kharge has also assured, given opportunity in 2024, the agreed political solution would be implemented, further assuring freedom of religion and restoration of governance to give freedom to all citizens for all practices and day to day life.
He said the AICC President has also elaborated on the election manifesto which is the promise and commitment of the Congress party to the people of Nagaland.
Stating he has also heard PM Modi, the NPCC president said that PM Modi is completely away from the interest of Nagas, adding he (PM Modi) wanted to see that Naga political struggle dies as a natural death.
Stating that the Prime Minister did not say a word about settlement and about implementation of what he has agreed with the Naga national workers, Therie said PM Modi has forgotten his promise as usual.
“He said Naga political problem has been resolved but he has forgotten that. Now he is talking about huge case transfer to the people. But in our campaign we have seen that the haves and the have-nots classification have become too wide in our society. The poor class is growing poorer, the rich class is growing richer and they are building palatial buildings and are acquiring almost all the land and properties of the poor”, the NPCC President said, adding this is a dangerous trend the society.
Stating this is the difference between the two national political parties, Therie said other political parties have not given enough vision statement, general thinking were assured in few places, but there were not specific commitment to the people.
Therie further pointed out that they have experienced 20 years of this Government, which do not have basic amenities, infrastructure or employment and Nagaland is sinking from bad to worse.
Calling for a change in government, he appealed to the intellectuals to guide the labour classes who do not understand the vision statement as they have almost lost foresight due to hardship in which they live.
He also observed that Dimapur-I A/C, from where he is contesting, is not more than a slum area, but the Government has not shown any concern.
In this situation, he said, “The only party which has committed to implement political solution is the Congress, the only party which has committed to uphold the integrity of Nagaland is Congress, the only party that has committed to provide/restore governance is the Congress. All other political parties have no concern about law and order and also solution.” Post election, he observed that it would be completely fractured mandate and infighting between the alliance would have the tagline even after the post alliance
He expressed confidence that secular minded political parties would come together to salvage Nagaland from disintegration, to salvage the aspiration of the Christian society, to salvage the aspiration of the Civil societies who have been protesting for implementation of political solution.
He said he was not negative that the regional secular alliance would not form the government. “We will form the government”, he confidently said.
He appealed to the voters not to be disheartened but vote for what they really want and what change they want and feel.
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