Thursday, March 30, 2023
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Modi & Shah should walk the talk to resolve Naga issue: Azo Nienu


No question of merger even if letter of support not accepted: Kikon

KOHIMA, MARCH 18: Naga People’s Front Legislature Party leader Kuzholuzo Azo Nienu today said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah as well as the Naga legislators should show political will to resolve the Naga Political Issue within a year.
Replying to media queries on legislators’ citing their coming together to form an opposition-less government for the cause of Naga political solution while nothing was achieved in the past, Azo said, “The public have literally criticized us (legislators) for taking up the Naga issue only at the fag end of their tenure.
But this time round, Azo said, “Since NPF has championed the Naga Political Issue, we thought we will take it in right earnest from the beginning and so we have extended support to the ruling Government. We want to seriously push the Naga issue forward and bring it to a logical conclusion at the earliest.”
Affirming that one year is enough for a solution to Naga political problems, Azo cited the election campaign promises of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah on February 24 and February 21 that they will solve all problems of Nagas.
“So it is high time, Modi and Shah walk the talk and at the same time we legislators also should show our political will. If there is a political will, we can wind up within a year’s time”, he said while asserting that the NPF legislators are ready to vacate their chair anytime if all the legislators are sincere to bring about a solution.
On the NPF extending support to the ruling Government, Azo said “We have submitted our letter of support to the Government because we have been reduced to a hopeless minority and only two of us cannot form an opposition”.
Also saying that NCP with 7 legislators has formed an opposition, he said “it is best to be in the Government for NPF”.
Nonetheless, he said that NPF is yet to receive any response from the ruling dispensation.
Asked if the NPF would put any questions in the ensuing Assembly session, Azo said this was the first session so there was no time to submit any questions. Asked if NPF was unaware that an Assembly session would be held, he said, “When the counting started Assembly was already called and we were in election mood”.
He also said that it is too premature to charge any Department as we all know how they function so in the next session whether we are in the Government or Opposition, we will surely put up questions. We will speak the rights of our people.
Asked if NPF would merge with NDPP or other political parties if NDPP-BJP refuses to accept their support, Kikon said “No, never…the question of merger does not arise. We have submitted the letter of support to the CM on Naga Political Issue, which was also the basis in the last Government. If they do not want to reciprocate, we will have to take other measures.”
On ULB elections, Kikon said NPF does not want the repeat of the 2017 episode where two lives were lost, several Government properties damaged and candidates house vandalized and also some excommunicated and therefore we are extremely concerned and we are of the view that consensus has to be arrived before conduct of the elections.
Azo supplemented Kikon saying that NPF is speaking from the bad experience of the past and the Government should listen to the people.
The main reason the Government wants to conduct the ULB election is because of monetary gains as they are saying that “Nagaland is losing lots of funds if ULB does not happen.
Nonetheless, NPF feels that why should Nagas lose their political rights just for money and therefore the Government should listen to the voice of the people and withhold ULB elections till the matter is resolved and also review the Municipal Act 2001.
On the Supreme Court order setting May 25 as the deadline to conduct the ULB elections, Azo opined that the voice of the people is higher than the Supreme Court.
“If there is going to be killing and threat to life and property how can the SC enforce it?… the SC is also there to listen to the people so what is the harm to postpone it and hold it after the review and amendment of the Act”, he said.
Asked if NPF feels that the Nagaland Municipal Act, 2001 infringes the Article 371(A) of the Constitution, he said “Yes 100%”. He added that in 2017 NPF Government tried to conduct the elections but failed and that is why it is an advice to the present Government to listen to the people.”
He suggested that the Government should reschedule the elections to ULBs only after amending the certain Sections of the Act as demanded by the people.
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