Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Modi Govt. indifferent to pain, anguish of Manipur people: Congress chief Kharge


NEW DELHI, JULY 31: Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge on Monday alleged that the Narendra Modi Government was “indifferent” to the pain and anguish of the people of violence-hit Manipur.
The Congress chief said MPs of the opposition alliance ‘INDIA’ who visited Manipur to assess the situation in the strife-torn state, heard heart-wrenching stories of pain from the people there.
“While Manipur faced turmoil, the Modi Government appeared indifferent”, he said on Twitter while asserting that the divide between communities was “deeply concerning”.
“Despite time for poll rallies, self-PR train inaugurations and attending BJP meetings, PM Modi seems to have no time to address the anguish and suffering of Manipur’s people or work towards resolving inter-community issues”, Kharge tweeted.
He also said, “The Modi Government appears clueless and rudderless in handling the Manipur situation, evident in the absence of a comprehensive statement in Parliament.”
Over 50,000 people, including 10,000 children, are in relief camps. The facilities there are inadequate, especially for women, and there are shortages of medicines and food, Kharge said.
“Economic activities have come to a halt, with children unable to attend school, farmers ceasing their farming, and people grappling with both financial losses and psychological hardships”, Kharge said on Twitter.
A delegation of 21 MPs of the INDIA alliance visited Manipur over the weekend and met many people in relief camps set up for those affected by violence in the State. (PTI)