Monday, March 8, 2021

Mock drill on COVID-19 conducted in districts

Dimapur, April 29: Mock drills on COVID-19 were conducted in 4 districts in Nagaland on Wednesday.
Tuensang: In Tuensang, the Tuensang District Task Force (DTF) on COVID-19 and District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) conducted the mock drill at GHSS Tuensang.
This was only a simulation of real emergency situation and exercise to measure the readiness and preparedness plan of the district and also tackling actual situation in event of unfortunate outbreak of COVID – 19.
Phek: The district administration, Phek and District Task Force on COVID-19 conducted the drill at Phek Town to test the preparedness of the DTF in handling emergency situation in the event of COVID-19 outbreak in the District.
Through the conduct of the Mock drill the district task force aimed to review the COVID-19 response plan and containment strategy, enhance coordination with the various Government resources, manpower, logistics and communication.
The scenario for the mock drill included reporting to the control room regarding a person showing symptoms that are associated with COVID-19, transporting of patients to COVID Hospitals, swab sample collection, sending of sample to the testing centres, handling of COVID-19 patients and quarantine of relatives.
The mock drill was followed by debriefing by the Deputy Commissioner and chairman of District Task Force on COVID-19 in the DCs conference hall where certain gaps and suggestions noted by the observers were deliberated upon.
Wokha: The District administration in collaboration with Medical Department and DDMA conducted the mock drill at District Hospital Wokha.
ADC, Wokha K.Mhathung Tsanglao, while briefing before the start of the drill, said, the objective of conducting the exercise is to assess our preparedness level in district while managing patients or persons coming in contact with the virus.
The mock exercise was divided in to six different categories, green ward – mild disease, yellow -moderate disease, orange – severe disease, red ward (ICU) – very severe disease and black ward – handling of deceased patient.
Athungbeni demonstrated on hand hygiene, doffing and donning of PPE while Dr Weimeri highlighted on Dos & Don’ts in ICU during the mock exercise.
Mon: Mon District Task Force for COVID-19 carried out mock drill at District hospital, Mon. The drill focused on the management of any patient coming to the hospital with the symptoms of Covid-19.
The drill was witnessed by administration, police, medical staff, Red Cross Society and other NGOs. (Page News Service)