Friday, February 26, 2021

Mock drill conducted at Bhandari

Dimapur, May 18: A mock drill was held at public local ground Bhandari on May 17. The standard operating procedures (SOP) from the reception point to respective institutional quarantine facilities and procedures were followed.
Mock drill was conducted for the propose of familiarization of COVID-19 quarantine SOP for the frontline workers and also identify practical gaps for systematic and safe management of the returnees for health safety and to prevent the spread of COVID-19. A guideline was also made for the returnees at the quarantine facility.
Emergency response plan for Bhandari Sub division on COVID-19 has also been structured with the following officers designated in different Incident Response system (IRS) positions: Tiameren Chang ADC, Responsible Officer (RO) T. Sulanthung SDO(Civil) Incident commander (IC) Dr Riku Khutso, EAC Hq Deputy Incident Commander (Dy. IC) Selemla S. Sangtam EAC Baghty, Liasion Officer (LO) Dr Chonben, MO, CHC, Planning Section Chief (PSC) Sukumo Kikon, SDPO Bhandari. Safety officer (SO) Dr Lawrence Lotha MO, CHC Bhandari, Operation Section Chief (OSC) Ngou I/C, 7th NAP, Logistic section chief (LSC) Lily Lotha APRO, Information &Media Officer (IMO).