MLA Khriehu inaugurates Peli Pru and Dahou


Kohima, April 27: Naga Peoples’ Front MLA, Khriehu Liezietsu today inaugurated a resting place for farmers – Peli Pru and Dahou constructed by Kenei Peli, Khrie-12 of Pfuchatsumia Khel, Kohima village at Rücienu below Medical College, Kohima.
In his brief address, Liezietsu lauded the efforts of peer group in providing a resting place and shelter for the farmers and visitors.
Exhorting the gathering, P Khel Council chairman, Kruyie Pienyü emphasized on the need for revival of work culture among the young generations, which would enhance our own economy and also stop non-Nagas from getting employment opportunities.
Also encouraging parents to educate their children to take up any job, including skilled and hard labour works, Pienyü said there is nothing to be ashamed with hard labour work.
Appreciating the efforts of Kenei Peli Khrie-12 in beautifying the area through the construction works, the khel chairman said the resting place is for everyone and as such tourist and people are welcomed to enjoy the nature.
Nonetheless, he cautioned that they will not entertain anyone breaking the law and polluting vicinity.
Minister of Higher and Technical Education and State BJP president Temjen Imna Along sent his greetings and best wishes to the peer group.
Kenei Peli president Kevidezo Rutsa delivered the welcome address while general secretary Viravolie Rame tendered the vote of thanks. Invocation was pronounced by Deacon of BRC Keyake, Kiyadeilie Mere while Pfuchazhünuo Krotho enthralled the fathering with special number.
(Page News Service)