MLA Azo graces SKK session

Last updated on: January 21, 2020 at 10:39 pm IST


Kohima, January 21: MLA Kuzholuzo (Azo) Nienu today graced the 49th session of SKK (All Sumi Students Union) at Yehemi under Zunheboto district as special guest.
Speaking on the occasion, he said that education is a must in today’s competitive society to survive and excel. He added that through education one gain knowledge and knowledge itself is courage, confidence and humility.
He said that knowledge is power but at the same time knowledge without a purpose can become a very destructive/dangerous tool for our society. Knowledge is also the ultimate key to survival and this is applicable to animals too. We must use our God given knowledge to make this world a better place to live in and also in the services of humanity and not for destruction, he said.
Regretting that chaos is everywhere in the country, he said “there is already a war for want of justice, there is a war for want of peace, tranquillity and progress.”
He said that the bitter truth today and the sad reality is that those people at the helm of affairs who are suppose to protect the Constitution and its subjects has become a threat to the same.
“They should promote social and communal harmony but instead they are disrupting it. The prevailing atmosphere in the country poses a direct threat to the democratic principles enshrined in the Constitution and the secular fabric of our nation. The country is undergoing a stormy weather. All is not well in our country today and therefore, as students and future leaders we must stay vigilant and on-guard and at the same time pray to God to heal our land. Let us all hope and pray that our country will be united and not divided on race, region, culture or religion,” he added. (Page News Service)