Mkg, Kohima NPF legislators question PDA Govt on Grant-in-Aid allocation

Mkg, Kohima NPF legislators question  PDA Govt on Grant-in-Aid allocation

Urges Governor to take corrective measures

Dimapur, January 9: The NPF Legislatures of Mokokchung District today alleged indiscriminate and insensitive management of public funds meant for the poor section of the state by the PDA Government.
In a statement 4 legislators, Imkong L Imchen, Dr Nganshi Ao, Amenba Yaden and Dr Imtiwapang dwelt on the sub-allocation done by the High Level Committee, which was constituted as per guidelines of the Centre. They stated that after a proposal was sent by the state Government, the Centre (NITI Ayong) gave an additional grant of Rs 195.09 crores to the state, which was sanctioned on Novmeber 8, 2017.
Accordingly after the sanction, the High level Committee did the sub-allocation for the commoditized department with Rural Development (RD) Department as the Nodal Department, they stated.
They alleged that after the NDPP led PDA Government headed by Neiphiu Rio was installed in the month of March 2018, the Sub-allocation done by the High level Committee was altered which was against the norm and practice.
The legislators claimed that the HLC allocation for School Education Department was Rs 3.87,03,000 but the PDA Government re-allocated Rs 1,11,26,800. For Power Department the HLC allocation of Rs 11,71,00,000 was changed to Rs 6,65,00,000; HLC allocation of Rs 14,02,50,000 for H&FW Department was reduced to Rs 2,00,00,000; HLC allocation of PHED of Rs 2,27,66,000 was reduced to Rs 1,28,46,00 and for Rural Department the HLC allocation was Rs 153,20,81,000 which was changed to Rs 170,02,86,000 by the PDA Government, the legislators claimed.
The NPF legislators question as to why the Neiphiu Rio led PDA government find the need to change the State Chief Secretary headed High Level Committee sub-allocation and also sought to know whether the views of the Ministers in-charge/ Advisors and Officials of the various departments were taken before the arbitrary change of the sub-allocation.
Citing the example of H&FW department, where the High level Committee allocation of Rs. 14 Crores was cut down to mere Rs. 2 Crores, the NPF MLAs asked whether the Minister in-charge was in consonance with the change.
They also asked whether Advisor of the RD Department, Dr Nicky Kire agreed to the alterations made in the sub-allocation and was party and privy to it.
“This despotic government which has little or no regard for the welfare of the State is time and again proving itself to be the greatest mistake that the people of Nagaland has committed by putting their faith and voting them to power,” they stated.
The 4 legislators appealed to the Governor of Nagaland to look into this matter and take corrective measures before this government makes a further mockery of the democratic system and governance and also in-line with the guidelines of the Government of India.
They also questioned where was the remaining amount out of the re-allocation and sought clarification from the PDA Government.
Kohima NPF MLAs:
The NPF Legislators of Kohima district today stated that the amount of Rs 96 crores, which was sanctioned by Niti Aayog in the month of November 2017 as part of the special additional grant of Rs 185.09 crores to the state of Nagaland never found its way to the beneficiaries.
They said that RD Department has, in an attempt to save their political masters, is squirming to find a safe passage out of it by throwing words like “guidelines”, “criteria” etc., adding the department themselves are not performing as per Centre Ministry’s laid down guidelines.
Two MLAs, Khriehu LIezietsu and Keneizhakho Nakhro said the Naga public deserve to know as to who and on what authority the Government, right after their inception changed the sub-allocation of the various communitized departments, which was approved by the High Level Committee.
In regards to the issue of the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2016, the MLAs reminded the leadership of the NDPP that for the fainthearted action of today, the future of the Nagas is being put at stake and the Nagas would remember this in the coming days.
“When the whole of Northeast is rising on the occasion, opposing the Bill, the PDA cabinet meekly urges the Centre to “Re-examine and Review”, they said and called upon the Nagas to stand witness to this betrayal and give this government a befitting reply democratically in the coming days. (Page News Service)