Wednesday, February 21, 2024
North East

Mizoram: Zoramthanga resigns as MNF president after party’s poll debacle

Aizawl, December 5: Mizoram’s outgoing chief minister Zoramthanga on Tuesday resigned as the Mizo National Front (MNF) president after the party suffered defeat in the assembly polls.
In his resignation letter sent to MNF senior vice president Tawnluia, Zoramthanga said he took moral responsibility as the president of the party for its poll debacle.
“The MNF fails to win the state assembly polls. In this regard, I take moral responsibility as party chief. Considering that it is my obligation as the MNF president, I do hereby tender resignation from the president post and kindly request you to accept the same,” he said in the letter.
MNF got only 10 seats this election, down from its tally of 26 in the 2018 assembly polls. (PTI)