Friday, April 16, 2021
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Mizoram Governor writes 13 books including collection of poems during lockdown

Aizawl, August 7: Mizoram Governor P S Sreedharan Pillai did not let the coronavirus induced lockdown go in vain, but made use of his free time at the Raj Bhavan by writing books and poems.
He has written at least 13 books, which include collections of poems in English and Malayalam since March.
Speaking to PTI, Pillai said the coronavirus induced lockdown gave him more free time for reading and writing books.
“No visits are allowed inside Raj Bhavan. My communication with the public is also restricted and all my scheduled travels are suspended for the time being. This means more time for reading and writing,” he said.
Pillai said he spent most of his time reading and writing after official duty during the lockdown.
“I used to wake up early in the morning at 4 am and start reading and writing after taking exercise. During the day I sat in my reading room after my official work. This has become a usual practice,” he said.
The governor is of the notion that politicians and public workers must have the habit of reading books to educate the mass.
Asked what made him write the books, the renowned lawyer said he has been actively involved in public life and rural politics since his childhood and his experience of the people – the problems they faced, the hardship they are undergoing through – and his mingling with the rural populace while practising law and after becoming a politician have inspired him to write books.
Though the outbreak of novel coronavirus has greatly impacted the world, it has a positive side too according to Pillai.
He said the virus has taught humanity how dependent we are on each other and it increases the love and affection among human beings.
Ten of his poems, including “Corona Kavithakal” in Malayalam, are related to Covid-19.
“Corona Kavithakal” deals with philosophical questions in pandemic times and his another poem Vayojanam (Elderly) centres around the theme of human helplessness and how humanity helps people in tackling the pandemic.
The poem Mahamari (Pandemic) asserts the power of human will to take on adversities.
Pillai said the coronavirus is the greatest challenge before human beings.
“Humanity has conquered outbreaks of many diseases like plague in the past and the country (India) is now free of polio and smallpox. We will overcome the current crisis too with love, affection and humanity someday. These are the themes of my poems,” he said.
The poem “Wuhan” talks about how the ancient city and former capital of China was suppressed due to Covid and how human beings can play a vital role to rebuild the glory of the city.
“Oh, Mizoram, is a collection of poems in English, in which he talks about the scenic beauty and richness of the hilly northeastern state.
Some of the books will be released by Mizoram Chief Minister Zoramthanga at a function on Saturday.
Pillai took to writing more than three decades ago.
His first book was published in 1983. Before he became the governor he had published 105 books.
So far, he has written at least 121 books of different categories, including poetry.
He is now writing four books and 90 per cent of them have already been completed.
His two books – “Republic Day 2020” and “Thus Speaks the Governor” – to be released on Saturday by Gauhati High Court chief justice Ajai Lamba are related to his official speeches as governor.
The former Kerala state BJP president Pillai was sworn in as the 21st governor of Mizoram on November 5 last year. (PTI)