Thursday, June 17, 2021
North East

Mizoram assembly elections: Congress releases manifesto

AIZAWL, November 1: Congress on Thursday released its election manifesto promising to stay loyal to farmers of the state through its game-changing land use policy that not just ensured an overwhelming victory in 2013 but stopped the traditional jhum cultivation that required destruction of the forest.
And for youths, the target group of BJP, it promised of promoting motorsports to address the needs of racing enthusiasts among the youth by building racing tracks besides free laptops to those students who have passed HSLC and above every year.
Congress also promised to continue giving special attention to science, mathematics and technical education and at the same time, provide special arrangements at HSLC level for those students who are weak in science and mathematics subjects, a promise that is not commonly heard of in rest of the country.
There is also a promise of providing allocation in the annual budget for excursions and study tours, especially for college and university students besides “serious efforts” for implementation of the recommendations of Mizoram Education Reforms Commission.
In its last fight to prevent complete saffronisation of northeast and capture power for a unprecedented third straight time, Congress manifesto said that the New Land Use Policy (NLUP) will be continued to address the needs and aspirations of the people and the existing guidelines will be amended for better implementation and
quantum of financial assistance will be enhanced to take into account the challenges of inflation.
Two months ago, Congress survived a scare after a PIL in Aizawl bench of Gauhati High Court challenged this policy as a means to disburse public fund to woo people for political gains. The court allowed the disbursal of funds after the government provided the guidelines which the court had asked for.
Congress also promised to continue the New Economic Development Policy (NEDP), another popular scheme targeting the non-agricultural population to facilitate self-employment for the youth.
Countering rival Mizo National Front’s attack for lifting the ban on consumption on alcohol, Congress focused on the drug abuse that was so high when the state was a dry state. It has promised rehabilitation centres for addicts at different places along with counselling centres will to supplement and support the efforts of NGOs and the Church.
The manifesto talks about encouraging community participation in the conservation of flora, fauna and water sources and allocation for this purpose in the budget. It also promises encouraging community participation in the course of implementation and maintenance of various developmental works. (TNN)