Tuesday, May 11, 2021
North East

Mizo couples asked to have more kids to increase population

GUWAHATI, July 12: On World Population Day on Wednesday, Mizoram’s most influential NGO – the Young Mizo Association (YMA) – has advised Mizo couples to birth more children as their population is comparatively sparse in the state and to also counter the Centre’s move to amend the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill that seeks to give citizenship to non-Muslim Bangladeshi refugees.
Central YMA president Vanlalruata told TOI it is a concept that the association has put forth for the Mizo people.
“The church and the society have both started believing that we need to find our own style of family planning, which does not necessarily have to be limiting the number of children but to suit the peculiar situation where the population growth is dipping. We will be waiting for people’s response.” “The YMA agrees with this year’s World Population Day’s theme ‘Family Planning is a Human Right’,” he added. According to the 2011 Census, Mizoram’s population was 10.91 lakh, making it the second least populated state after Sikkim whose population was just 0.09% of India’s population. The population density recorded in 2011 was 52/sq km, behind Arunachal Pradesh that recorded 17/sq km. The national density is 382/sq km.
Vanlalruata said the number of voters in Mizoram is about seven lakh, which is same as the margin by which
BJP leader Gopinath Munde’s daughter Pritam Munde had won 2014 LS bypolls from Beed. (TNN)