Sunday, June 20, 2021

Mission Director visit Dimapur CMO’s office and COVID-19 Hospital

Dimapur, May 9: Mission Director, NHM Nagaland, Dr. Kevichusa Medikhru visited CMO Office Dimapur and had a meeting with the officers of CMO’s Office and NHM Staff on May 7.
During the meeting, Dr. Kevichusa stated that the main issue face by the department is the influx of travelers, mainly Nagas stranded in other states. As the first point of entry is Dimapur for most of them, Dimapur is the most vulnerable, not only for COVID-19 virus but also for various other diseases.
In this regard, he urged all the health workers to strictly follow the SOP. A cordial working environment must, therefore, be developed so as to work as a team and to work with understanding of each other’s need, he said.
He also enquired about the materials and other medical supplies sent to the district. He stated that more medicines can be indented if required and also to return any sub-standard materials or drugs sent to district so as to return them to the suppliers.
Dr. Kevichusa also emphasized on the importance of providing essential health services to the public. He urged the staff to continue with immunization, ANC checkups, institutional delivery, VHND, etc in villages where there is no restriction of movement.
He also urged the Programme Officers to continue providing their services to the public so that there is continuity in their treatments. He urged all staffs to be in their place of posting and continue providing essential services to the public.
He also urged all the health workers to develop a cordial work environment and work as a team with understanding and support for each other.
He also reiterated that the medical staff at the periphery will be called on duty to the Headquarter as and when the situation demands.
Earlier the day, Dr. Kevichusa also visited COVID-19 Hospital and had interaction with the staffs. He urged the hospital to increase isolation ward so as to ensure that other patients besides COVID-19 are also cared for.
He emphasized on the importance of continuity of other essential health services as well. (Page News Service)