Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Missing leadership

It has been said that there is so much common be tween the head of a nation, family, enterprise or an institution. To a certain meaningful extent their major role is to lead the people. There is no power which might be devoid of responsibilities. People have expectations from those who wield authority. It can be either for favors or fair treatment but at the end those men of power are also evaluated and remembered by their decisions and the course of action they set forth. Their decisions can be either manipulative or meaningful. When they are biased, it’s going to push the people against the wall. When there is no commitment to truth, people who count on them become the victims of their betrayal. When a right person is not leading an organization, how can we expect that down the line everything will be done within set guidelines? How can we expect order and obedience among different ranks when it’s led by a person who is neither versatile nor value driven? Here one is unable to decide who is more dangerous – the one takes bribe and does the work within the stipulated time period or the one who claims to be a leader but doesn’t mind getting indulged in moral corruption. In disguise of noble roles, when one crosses that thin line which distinguishes between right and wrong than they cannot be labeled as preachers but parasites who are on prowl to suck the blood of others. Power has made them arrogant to find and acknowledge the fault lines. They are least bothered to deliver what is expected of them. They are there to dance at the tune of those whose music they cannot face. They are professionally so adept at burying the truth or their own expected responsibilities underneath the thick layers of fears and favoritism. They have surrendered and sold their consciousness and capabilities for power and pelf. Of course nothing comes free here; the system is being run purely on give and take process. You favour others in turn you’re blessed with favors. It’s an equitable and fair equation to settle the things. One who is leading can blink over the realities but how long others will remain silent, and ignore the things. Why only special ones are given space and strength to trespass against the set norms. Employees are duty bound to respect the office timings so as to maintain office decorum and discipline. No one can remain absent without authorization from duties. Many times it can be noticed that those who share good relation with their bosses flit their work places at their will and whim. It’s tantamount to favoritism. One more grave concern is the matter related to leaves availed. Seriously speaking, leave accounts are hardly prepared and audited. And we have doubts whether service books are cross checked to ascertain the entries. It doesn’t seem fair and square, when even some vocational department employees manage to get full leave salary encashment on their superannuation. Here the system is being run very poorly and unprofessionally. How can one expect a proper fund utilization from the DDO’s (Drawing and Disbursing Officers) who have home science or arts background, given the fact they don’t know much about financial constraints or have never kept themselves updated. But still they are vested with financial powers unfortunately, which they can never justify. Before the end of the financial year, the excess surrender statements should be eye opener; we must put an end to such practice so that funds don’t remain unutilized. Let the experts do their job and they will be spared to feel ashamed and clueless about their failed attempts on development front. Today tricks, taunts or transfers, controversies or criticism, have been the tools to peddle the narratives of nepotism. One can be manipulative and combative to corner their subordinates but that can never earn him respect and peace of mind. Exploiting someone who is vulnerable can never be the trait of a good leadership. Indeed there is a pressing need to put in place a transparent system to eradicate nepotism from grassroots levels.