Saturday, May 15, 2021

Missing integrity

Corruption is certainly now integral part of our life. We have to accept this reality and anyone who denies presence of corruption in our daily routine is denying the fact. Today corruption has a glorious existence and its future surely depends on unfolding vistas of our mindset, presently influenced by materialistic urge and diminishing values. Sure corruption cannot be eradicated overnight. However, it can be minimized and its influence contained to the minimum levels. Corruption has many undesirable elements and the most adverse element within its makeup is inefficiency. It breeds, patronizes and boosts inefficiency in every aspect of life. In our state the behavior and working pattern of most of the government officers and officials holding coveted post is synonymic to corruption and inefficiency is their most prominent and valued asset. Under the influence of nepotism and stained political patronage, corrupt elements have invaded almost all sections of the system. With the passage of time they learned the trade of corruption and mastered it with their own innovative additions. The most trusted and time tested trick to lure gullible people towards corruption is ‘delay’; a technique to test the patience and endurance levels of the exploited. Delay and delaying technique is the ultimate tool to trap the target and subject him to parasitization without any mercy. Reducing and checking factor of delay can surely minimize corruption to considerable levels. But the government is unable to curb the delaying tactics of unscrupulous elements flourishing with every passing day. At the same time, probity appears to have moved out to the back-burner in our state and politicians do not appear to care a fig for values! There can be many reasons for political degradation and of late the coalition politics has plagued the system not only with increased levels of corruption but pretentiousness and ego as well. In such indistinct situation every political entity within the system treats him absolved of all moral responsibilities and above every law of the land. Misconduct and rampant corruption on part of, not all, but a select few is literally visible and compulsions of coalition dharma make it difficult to tame them. Inability, distraction and lack of credibility loom large over the legitimate leadership, rendering administrative apparatus more inclined to ineffectiveness. Ministers/advisors accused on charges of misconduct and corruption do not resign of his own on moral grounds or are sacked in line with the rich political values and traditions. Coalitionist immunity has made them supercilious and answerable to none. Political integrity demands that no public functionary should cling to his office till he is not absolved of all charges of misconduct. Political functionaries are role models and in public life their tarnished image will have adverse effect on the society. Leadership’s inability to act against these functionaries will do no good to democracy; instead this whole period of coalition years will be read as dark period for democracy in our state. On one hand we boast of our commitment to democracy and on the other hand it is being robbed of its essence – equality. There cannot be several yardsticks for punishment and immunity and many barometers to judge people on the basis of their political clout and affiliation. Justice means justice and has to be delivered without any fear or favor, ill will or malice. Sadly our elected leaders take camouflage under tricky and ambiguous situation of coalition; manipulating every rule and norm in their favor. This is ridiculous and in no way acceptable in modern-day age of complete transparency. Even in murky Indian political scenario there are certain standards of probity and no politician is allowed to fiddle with the fundamentals of political decency. Their sham conduct has made mockery of government’s efforts of accountability and transparency. Unfortunately, when lawmakers turn into law-breakers the situation can be defined in only one word – chaotic. No leadership for the past two decades can be absolved of political complaisance towards its political partners, encouraging such practice into an awkward political tradition.