Friday, April 23, 2021
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Missing businessman reaches home; DCCI appreciates Dimapur police


Dimapur, February 23: Prominent Dimapur businessman, Parimal Ghosh, owner of the Nagaland Cold Drinks who went missing three days back while going home has returned home safely.
Expressing happiness over his safe return, Dimapur Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) has appreciated and complimented the Dimapur Police and the Commissioner of Police for making all out effort for his safe release and further requested the police that those behind the crime should put behind bars and that maximum punishment possible be awarded under the law.
The DCCI further made it clear that such anti social activities by anti social elements will not be tolerated anymore and would give all out cooperation to law enforcing agencies to root out such elements.
It urged all business establishment to be vigilant and give all out cooperation to law enforcing agencies.
The DCCI further warned those NGOs who are extorting business community under the guise of contribution and said it such incident comes into its knowledge, the DCCI henceforth, would report it to the law enforcing agencies and action deemed fit will be initiated against those unscrupulous money mongering so called leaders and expose their NGOs.
The DCCI directed the business community not to cooperate with such demands for the lager interest of the business community. (Page News Service)