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Miscreants destroy Naga Club building

NSF building

NSF sets 24-hours to nab culprits

KOHIMA, MAY 27: In a condemnable act, the Naga Club building, also called the Heritage of the Nagas housing the office of Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) was destroyed by unknown miscreants in the wee hours today.
The Naga Club building, located opposite South Gate of Kohima Local Ground, was a house not only to the NSF but also All Nagaland College Students’ Union (ANCSU) and Kohima Press Club while there were also three printing press, five small shops, Advocate’s Chamber and a hotel.
Sources said that a huge-group of miscreants ravaged the Naga Club building with daos and also a JCB truck at around 3 a.m., and left the site before sunrise. Their target was mainly to destroy the NSF office and its source of income as the miscreants completely damaged the chamber of NSF president, general secretary, speaker and the business establishment.
The office of KPC and ANCSU were left untouched by them.
The NSF has been safeguarding the Naga Club building as the Heritage of Naga people for decades, while it is disheartening that miscreants could indulge in such act, said NSF president Kegwayhun Tep. It is suspected that the historical records of Nagas have also been destroyed because many of the records were stored in his official chamber, he said.
Tep said he got the information at around 4 a.m. and by the time he reached office those people had already left.
Though the miscreants are not been identified, a FIR has been lodged in North Police Station Kohima, he said.
In the aftermath of the destruction, the NSF served an ultimatum to the Nagaland Government to nab the culprits within 24 hours with effect from 6 p.m.
The ultimatum was served following an extra emergency presidential council meeting of the Federation held during the day.
NSF said that failure to meet their demand, they would resort to actions it deems befitting for which all the federating units and sub-ordinate bodies would extend fullest support.
Unanimously condemning the act of vandalism perpetrated upon NSF office by some unknown anti-Naga elements in the wee hour, the NSF also unanimously reaffirmed the decision of the meeting to protect the Naga Club building with the collective support of all the federating units and the sub-ordinate bodies.
Meanwhile, following the incident, the tenure of the present team of NSF has been extended by 3 months.
As per the initial report, the incident reportedly took place at around 3 a.m., Police said, adding that they have received an FIR from the NSF and an investigation is being carried out by a 5-member Special Investigation Team (SIT) headed by Additional SP Relo T Aye.
Police have recovered various tools including machetes used by the miscreants and sharp materials to destroy the office. While further investigation is in progress, no arrest has been made so far, police said.
Nagaland Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio, Ministers and legislators, tribal bodies and civil societies have condemned the incident.
In a twit, Rio strongly condemning the vandalism said, “respect for private and public properties is fundamental in a civilized society. Appeal to all right-thinking citizens to maintain peace and harmony”.
In a statement, Deputy Chief Minister TR Zeliang termed it unfortunate. “No one should take the law into their own hands. There is a legal system in place and to take action based on our own personal judgement is wrong.
“I appeal to all concerned to be accommodative in their approach while finding ways and means to solve problems because such violent acts of vandalism will turn things from bad to worse”, he said and called upon law enforcing agencies to investigate and initiate action at the earliest.
Culprits should be jailed and made to reconstruct Naga club building: Minister Along
Nagaland BJP president and Minister for Tourism & Higher Education, Temjen Imna Along expressed shock and said that whoever is behind the incident are not even fit to be called citizens of Nagaland and such kind of people should be living in and around the civilized society.
The NSF carries the aspiration of Naga people in every sphere, be it political, economics, tradition & culture, Naga heritage and the future of the Nagas, he said.
“Just booking them under law will not be enough but the names of the culprits along with their photos should be erected so that every Naga will know that these are hooligans who have destroyed the symbol of our aspiration”, he said.
Every right thinking Naga citizen of all the tribes should condemn such an act, he said.
On the demand of NSF to nab the culprits within 24 hours, he said, “the duration is too long… I think the people know who have done it… they should be taken out from their home and put in jail so that such kind of thing should never happen”.
The culprits should be made to construct a first-class building that can never be destroyed by such hooligans, he said.
Asserting that the police are in the forefront of investigation, he expressed hope that those people will be brought to jail.
Former NSF leaders and incumbent legislators in the State Assembly, Advisor Imkong L Imchen and Minister Tongpang Ozukum as well as various Naga tribal bodies, mothers organisation, youth bodies, and civil societies also visited the site and conveyed solidarity with the NSF while also strongly condemning the act.
North East Students’ Organisation (NESO) chairman Samuel B Jyrwa said it is deeply agitated and condemns the barbaric act of unknown perpetrators to vandalise the office of the NSF and called upon the authorities to arrest the perpetrators of this heinous crime.
The office that the NSF has been functioning for so many decades is not only an office building but has become part and parcel of the history of Naga people, NESO said, adding that it was in this office that many deliberations and crucial decisions were made for the well being, uplift and protection of Naga people.
The NSF, in its journey of more than 75 years, has faced and overcome so many trials and challenges and this is just another challenge that the NSF is facing which the NESO is very confident that the NSF will surely be able to overcome it and NESO is expressing its solidarity with the NSF and lend its full support to the NSF, it said.
Angami Public Organization (APO) expressed deep concern over the vandalism saying the destruction caused to the NSF office, which is also a heritage building, is wrong and unjustifiable.
Such acts are alien to the cultures and traditions of our Ancestors, said APO president Razouvotuo Chatsu.
“The iconic Naga Club building, which is a purposeful office of the NSF is associated with  Naga people’s  history, it was preserved and used valiantly by patriotic Naga youths to uphold the Naga struggle, to destroy such a monument is a great loss for all the Nagas”, APO said.
Maintaining that the grand Naga Club Building has been embroiled in conflict, APO said it believes that pursuing amicable and lasting solutions to conflicts can only stem from mutual respect and dialogue.
“Naga Club is Naga History, we cannot put a price on what our pioneers achieved and passed down to us. NSF is today and the future, our future depends on our Youth, both entities are valued by the Nagas who are today at a decisive stage of our perilous journey to the future”, it said.
Therefore, APO fervently appealed to all Nagas to show understanding of the positions taken in the conflict.
It also appealed to all to desist from aggravating situations but show the compassion in helping resolve the issue; which will also help all sides in evolving a solution that will serve the larger cause of the Nagas.
Naga Mothers’ Association (NMA) expressed shock and disbelief at the demolition of the office of NSF Naga Club Building.
NSF as an organisation has stood for the cause of the Nagas courageously, it said adding that this ruthless attempt in destroying the fabric of the Nagas is most unfortunate and every right thinking citizen must come out to fight against this evil force trying to pull it down. We demand the law enforcing agencies to arrest the perpetrators and accorded befitting punishment as per the law.
“We strongly condemn such act of hooliganism committed and such act has no place in a civilized society. As mothers, we extend our support and solidarity to the NSF. And we pray for sanity to prevail in our land”, it said.
Ao Students’ Conference (AKM) said it is greatly disturbed by destruction of NSF office building by some anti-Naga elements.
“These criminals are not common miscreants, but anti-Naga national elements. Their agenda is obvious to destroy the spirit of Naga nationalism completely. The Ao Students’ Conference (AKM) therefore, vehemently condemns this unpatriotic act of anti-Naga that are attempting time and again to destroy every spirit of Naga nationalism. The Ao Students’ Conference (AKM) denunciate such act and urge the concerned authority to take necessary action at the earliest. We assure our unwavering support to the NSF in particular and the Naga people in general in our collective endeavor to build and rebuild not only the physical building but most importantly the Naga nation at this challenging moment”, said AKM president Lanutoshi Aier and general secretary Satemmongba.
Angami Students’ Union said it is utterly anguished and perturbed by the vandalism of NSF and ANCSU office at the Naga Club building.
“Such vandalism is alien to the Naga people, the audacity of some miscreants to mastermind this heinous act in Angami homeland is a direct confrontation with the Angami Students’ Union. Therefore, the Union will not tolerate this cowardly barbarism and further warn those perpetrators to immediately surrender itself or bear the brunt of the union, as we will go all out in delivering justice to the NSF and ANCSU.
ASU said at a time when Nagas are celebrating the flying colour results of HSLC & HSSLC and concentrating on the ongoing Undergraduate semester exams, the intention of some individuals/groups to vandalize the students’ federation/union office can never be pardoned nor be entertained on any other day.
“The NSF had been the voice and beacon of the Naga people during the most trying and challenging times of the Naga society when all civil/mass based organization are at its lowest ebb or inactive. However, anti-social elements harbouring destructive and violent thoughts and translating them into deeds will set a path of chaos and anarchy”, said ASU president Bisevi Nakhro and vice-president Kevilelhou Zumu.
Rengma Students’ Union (RSU) condemned the very act by some few wayward individual(s) to dismantle the very heritage and tarnish the undying legacy of our Naga pioneers who have sown the seeds of Naga-ness wherein their memory continues to be fondly revered and visibly envisaged in the form of the Naga Club building.
“The Union vehemently condemns the attempt to hijack an organization that has long been standing for the just cause and rights of the students, youths and the Naga people and terms the act as a direct challenge to the core values of peace, unity and progress of the Naga nation. Such barbaric actions committed against the NSF is an open confrontation against every Naga student, youth and the Naga people and must be condemned by every right thinking citizen and be fittingly deemed as anti-Naga in nature”, said its president Ajo Tsela.
RSU demanded that the perpetrators be immediately booked and accorded exemplary justice as befittingly deemed by the law. It may also be noted that the issue, if not dealt firmly, will further unfold many more such anarchic incidents, and will unsettle the very foundation of law and order in the State, it said.
Chakhesang Students’ Union strongly condemning the unreasonable action of the few vested interest individual(s) involved in the barbaric act said this attempt to tarnish and destroy the good image of the highest student body such as NSF is a direct challenge to the unity and integrity of the whole Nagas and this should be outrightly condemned by all right thinking citizens.
“The cowardly act also came in a time when the whole Nagas are selflessly yearning for permanent solution and it perturbs our mind to question how such unpatriotic act could not only bring disunity among the Nagas but also destroy the very essence of peace and harmony in the society when we all should be collectively marching together for common good”, said CSU president Avezo Kevin Kapu and general secretary Pei Kezo.
“The NSF, which has been in existence for more than 75 years had played pivotal role in defending the rights of the Nagas during some of the most challenging times in the history of Naga nationalism and it still continues to do so. Therefore, should any individual or groups in the pursuit of its selfish interests attempt to cause harm to the NSF office could be rightly called as anti-Nagas”, CSU said.
Lotha Students’ Union (LSU) in distress appealed to all right thinking citizens to denounce such self-vested syndicates who works for benefits in order to tarnish the image of our pioneers and the history of Nagas.
The LSU is also bewildered to understand such unpatriotic urge among our society and declare all the Anti-Naga elements as act of terrorism and a threat to the entire student community and Naga people at large, said its president Lirhonthung E Kithan and general secretary Chanpenthung.
The LSU demanded to the concerned authorities to take the issue on highest priority and award a befitting punishment to the culprits within 24 hours.
All Sümi Students’ Union (SKK) said the vandalism by some miscreants cannot be justified to any of their advantages and termed it as an act of barbarism and cowardice, possessing superiority complex in so-advanced society resorting to vandalism is condemnable at the highest decree.
“In a democratic country, reasoning out and dialogue is a mechanism to any challenge one confronts. However, desires of chaos and conflict mongering ideology should be banished at any cost”, said its president Ngukato I Aye and general secretary Hekato Achumi.
Kohima Press Club expressing concern over the vandalization said it has indirectly affected the temporary working office of the KPC that is housed within the same building.
“Any act of vandalism is unwarranted and that of cowardice, and has no place in a civilized society. The Kohima Press Club strongly condemns the act and urges the authorities concerned to conduct a swift investigation into the whole incident and take action as per the law of the land”, said KPC president Alice Yhoshü and general secretary Atono Tsükru Kense.
Angami Youth Organisation (AYO), in the strongest term, condemned the vandalisation of the office of the NSF and ANCSU at the Naga Club Building.
“It is saddening to witness the Naga Club Building which stands as a history to the Naga aspirations being destroyed by unknown miscreants. The incident is not just an attack on the building, but on the essence, fabric and legacy of the Nagas as the building today is a testimony of the Naga journey thus far”, said AYO president Kesosul Christopher Ltu and general secretary Neidilhoutuo Sechü.
The unwarranted attack on a building, which has the office of the apex Naga student body, bears a manifestation of mounting hatred and enmity among Nagas, they said.
The AYO vehemently denounced the act of the perpetrators and appealed to the law enforcing agencies to be prompt in arresting the culprits and punish them befittingly.
“The AYO won’t tolerate any action that is detrimental to the progress of the Naga society”, they said.
Eastern Naga Students’ Federation (ENSF) expressed profound outrage and condemnation over the vandalization.
“This unbecoming act, carried out by unknown miscreants, is an appalling assault on these esteemed institutions and an affront to the principles they represent which is uncalled for. The repercussions of this act of vandalism extend far beyond mere physical damage; it is a blatant insult on the aspirations and struggles of the student community in particular and Naga society as a whole”, ENSF president Chingmak Chang and general secretary Tiven Tikhir said.
Strongly condemning the act of violence and lawlessness, it said such acts threatens the peace and effect the progress every responsible citizen aspires to strive for in a society.
It is crucial that the authorities conduct a swift and thorough investigation to identify and apprehend the perpetrators responsible for this despicable act and book under the relevant sections of the law, they said.
The ENSF also stood in solidarity with the NSF and ANCSU.
Dimapur Naga Students’ Union (DNSU) has denounced the destruction of the historical office of the Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) in the Naga Club Building, Kohima, in the wee hours of May 27 by anti-Naga miscreants.
“This act of extreme crime was committed by anti-Naga miscreants who are a threat to the entire Naga nation and therefore, the Union calls for the concerned authorities of law and order to immediately take the necessary actions and bring forth in the public domain the fugitives involved in this hideous crime”, it said in a release.
The Union also endorsed the NSF in solving this issue and assured unwavering support toward executing justice.
Tenyimi Union Dimapur has expressed shock by the vandalism of the Naga Students’ Federation Office by anti-social elements.
“Those unscrupulous individuals involved in the destruction of one of the most revered buildings show their cowardly mindset and nothing short of greed”, it said.
“This is a black day in the history of the Nagas and we held our head down in shame that any Nagas would stoop so low”, it said while condemning the incident.
The Union further called for arresting the culprits and those masterminds without any fear or favour.
Naga Hoho expressed is shock at the incident and called it an attack “on our legacy, history and traditions”.
“It is a tragedy and the darkest chapter in the history of the Nagas, we hang our head in shame”, it stated and appealed for immediate action against the perpetrators.
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