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“Mirror, Mirror …who is smartest of all?” ~ Himanta, Himanta!

Himanta with Rio others

Politics beyond camouflages

Nirendra Dev
NEW DELHI, JUNE 3: Nay, Himanta Biswa Sarma may not be the smartest of all. A former Congressman and now a blue-eyed boy of Union Home Minister Amit Shah, Sarma may soon find himself in a pool of problems ~ if these trends continue!
There are conflicting statements and reports. Either everyone is taking everyone for a ride or the ‘khichdi-Naga galho’ confusion is deliberate.
‘Naga galho’ ~ rice, herbs and meat… delicious… ~ who can make it best delicious ~ Angami Nagas ?
Maybe. Lotha specialty has been pork with bamboo shoot! Other Naga tribes have their strengths and virtues. BJP leader Y Patton is a Lotha and is supposed to be an important member of the Core Committee. But this may not be the case.
One photograph of Naga leaders with Himanta has a CMO staffer but Mr Patton is not there. Anyway, photographs need not be very crucial when more fertile brains are working to resolve the Naga issue.
Which fertile brain(s) really thought of putting all eggs in one basket called ‘Himanta Biswa Sarma’ is anybody’s guess?
Does he really have a magic wand as being suggested by certain quarters? There are other related issues too.
The latest intellectual meet between Core Committee and Himanta also had Assam Minister Pijush Hazarika accompanying his Chief Minister.
The mess is certainly not enough? Wikipedia revealed: “An audio clip of Minister Pijush Hazarika has gone viral where the Minister was found threatening a journalist of the news channel”.
Is such a news-maker also relevant here? What will Water Resources Minister of Assam do regarding the Naga peace process? The answer is either with the CMO-Nagaland or Planning Minister Neiba Kronu?
Mortals and plain-manu journalists and that too in ‘India-Delhi’ will never know.
There are other classic contradictions. A news agency story from Kohima reported: “The Core Committee has sought the support of Sarma as the convener of NEDA to help achieve a solution to the issue by speaking with the Centre”.
So for 25 years ~ quarter of a century ~ gave the key missive that there is still someone needed to speak to the Centre.
Another genius statement.
On June 1, Himanta hit headlines when he said he cannot talk or mediate on Naga issue because it is “big” and “complex”. One thought he was being sensible and sensitive. Himanta has ULFA issue in his backyards.
But next day it just required a drive to a resort and reportedly 45-minutes meeting ~ Himanta knew what was the problem in the Naga peace talks.
Go a little beyond. One local paper quoted one member of ‘G-21-Plus’ ~ (NPF to NDPP) legislator by name and claims Himanta stating that Flag and Naga Constitution can be accommodated.
Such remarks attributed to Himanta are just being unkind to the man.
So, Amit Shah’s ‘400-year’ theory as was shared in Nagaland Assembly by a ‘debatable pro-NDPP, BJP leader’ is also washed out.
You just need Himanta to solve the problem. Poor Narendra Modi and his thousands of admirers!
Somebody is being too smart and taking the entire population and country for a ride.
I am not party to this joy ride even if it is by some friends or for that matter, ex-friends.
Politics can have camouflages, but not sheer trickery. The dictionary meaning is ~ the use of dishonest methods to trick somebody in order to get what you want.
The simple question is: Who wants what?