Thursday, February 25, 2021
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Minister’s PRO reacts to news report

Temjen Imna Along

Dimapur, June 26: Reacting to the report carried in Nagaland Page on June 24 under the caption ‘Wants to see non-Naga represented in State assembly’, the media officer State BJP president and Minister of Higher & Technical Education has accused this paper of blowing the Minister’s speech out of proportion.
In a rejoinder, the media officer said, “The Minister, while felicitating the meritorious students, had exhorted the student’s community, to excel in their studies, and asserted “one day in this state, in the near future, you all may also become officers of repute, not only business men, but in the opportunity of reservation in Dimapur, you may also get the chance that you may get to come to the Assembly.”
A video of the Minister giving the speech (in Hindi) in the programme where he was reported to have made the statement is uploaded in Nagaland Page website along with the report.
According to the media officer, the speech of the Minister “was conveyed in good faith to promote harmony and peaceful coexistence amongst the citizens of Dimapur”, but was blown out of proportion “by a local daily, which is unfortunate.”
On the report that “Nagas will stand up and live with India”, the rejoinder said it is a misinterpretation “as it was never uttered by the Minister at any point of time in the said program.”
“…the aspirations to live together as one in peace and harmony cannot be taken out of context by presenting a distorted reflection as though the Minister is selling out the rights of the Nagas, is in bad taste and unbecoming on the part of the local daily,” it said.
The rejoinder appealed to all sensible and peace loving citizens of the State to note the misinterpretations “as circulated in the social medias and other forums, and come to an understanding in letter and spirit, as the Minister on his part had not failed our people, but only wish that peace and better sense prevails amongst the people of the state.” (Page News Service)