Minister urges people to make state education par with the world

Minister urges people to make  state education par with the world

Laments ‘local vs non-local’ issue in education sector

Dimapur, April 21: Minister of Higher and Technical Education, Temjen Imna Along Longkumer today said that the issue of ‘local vs non-local’ and tribalism has entered into the sphere of education in the state when the focus should be to make education at par with the world. He urged the people of the state to cease having such mentality.
Speaking as a guest on the occasion of the inaugural function of ‘administrative building’ and ‘floriculture nursery’ (project of Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan), the first of the 15 projects underway under RUSA in the state, here at the premise of Government College, Dimapur, he called it a historical day for the state, the students and the college for the successful completion of the first project under the centrally sponsored scheme with aim to improve access, equity and quality in higher education through planned development of higher education at the state level.
Expressing happiness over the presence of non-local staffs in the college, he said that there is a need for people to be together irrespective of differences to be a part of the same country.
He said that though there are enough talents in the state, the scenario of higher and technical education has been largely neglected by both the people of the state and successive governments and thereby resulted in spending crores of money outside the state on education.
He called on the employees and people of the state to shun hypocrisy of sending their children to study outside and send those who are not their own children to government institutions. He asked them to enroll their own children first if they believe the teaching in government institutions in the state is good enough.
He also criticized the teachers who want to be transferred to Dimapur asking if they have no concern for the Nagas in other parts of the state and if they don’t deserve to be mentored, saying that it is going to take timeless efforts to build the institutions of the state world class, strong and revenue generated.
Crediting PM Modi for successful implementations of the scheme in the state, he said that regardless of what people might say, Modi is a man of work. He also added that the coalition PDA government is here to stay and it is going to bring out schemes for the improvement of education in the state, agreeing at the same time that the government intuitions aren’t getting enough support from the government as of now.
Calling Nagas ‘takers’ he said that the only place Nagas are giving is the church when Nagas need to give in other places too to improve the condition of the state. He also assured that the second phase of the project would also start soon.
Previously, Director of Higher Education, Kuholi Chishi in her remark had said that the present college has the potential of becoming a world class institute and might become someday an autonomous institute too if upgraded and improved .
She also urged the students and college faculties to take care of the new building saying Nagas are good at starting but bad at maintaining and added that the infrastructure is qualitative and should be used qualitatively.
Executive Engineer, Kelechutuo Pienyu in his brief address had said that the project had started on January 29, 2015, and was supposed to be completed within 18 months for which Rs. 2 crores (approx) were sanctioned but the project took 30 months to get completed.
RUSA is a Centrally Sponsored Scheme (CSS), launched in 2013 aims at providing strategic funding to eligible state higher educational institutions. The funding pattern for the projects under it is in the ratio 60:40 for general category states and 90:10 for special category states like Nagaland. RUSA was formally approved by the NLA in the year 2014. (Page News Service)