Minister Ozukum furnishes details of prioritized maintenance of District Hq. roads


Kohima, September 20: Minister for PWD Tonpang Ozukum today laid a statement in fulfillment of the assurance given on the floor of the House on Tuesday in reply to supplementary starred question asked by MLA Kuzholuzo Nienu regarding details of roads under maintenance of district Hq. roads under PWD (R&B).
As per the details furnished on the floor of the House today, for Peren, improvement of new HQ road stretching 5 km have been completed, improvement of Peren Town circular road – 30% completed whereas the work for improvement of road from District Computer Centre to Police Point, improvement of KL road to ADC and improvement of road from Circuit House to ADC residence via EE PWD (R&B) Quarter were not yet started.
Wokha: NH- to Dr. MM Hospital approach road via GHSS- completed, Police Point to Dr. MM Hospital- 85% completed, NH- 2 to fish market- 80% completed, Police point to SP office approach road junction- not yet started, NH- Planning office to Cemetery road via Ettsuchukha- not yet started and DC office junction to Ettsuchukha- 50% completed.
Mokokchung: All five works were completed which included improvement of road from Rotary junction (NH 2) to IOC (Mariani road- NH- 702 D), improvement of road from Pump House junction to K Merang residence at Lower Alempang ward, improvement of road from Alempang Pastors’ redidence3 to public ground at Lower Alempang ward, improvement of road from NH-2 (Main traffic point) to NH-2 (Tongdentzuyong) via Queen Mary Higher secondary and improvement of road from NH-2 (Sevak gate) to DC office Road junction (Luke Sosang road).
Mon: Five completed works included; Approach road to PHED division office to St. John’s school, road from Helipad junction to SP office via Daily market, approach road to Block Colony, road from new site junction to SDO (Civil) residence via forest colony & SE office and road from Gopal Hotel junction traffic point to PWD store, daily market SBI & DRDA junction. Road from NST junction to Tukhubari N.M road- 50% completed.
Zunheboto: Maintenance & repair of road from Mokokchung road to Government Arts College, Zunheboto- 89% completed, improvement of civil hospital road- 80% completed and improvement of road from Mkg road to district jail- not yet started.
Tuensang: Road from RP Gate to Civil Hospital via High School & NST (a) Police point to Tower Clock- completed, (b) Tower clock to Bazaar police point via Thana- completed, (c) BRO road junction to High School junction below Tikeer Church- completed, (d) Near High School playground, Bazaar junction, below Chang Church area, St. John’s school area- 70% completed, road from power House to SE Colony- completed, Road from SE Colony to New Khel & Yimchunger Colony- completed, Road from Youth Hall to BOC & Youth Hall to SBI- not yet started, Road from Gas Agency to CS office via Loyem Memorial College- 75% completed and road from forest colony to Civil Hospital & Civil Hospital to BRO- 40% completed.
Kohima South: Four completed works included; NH-2 to Lower Chandmari taxi stand via NPWD office complex, Drainage clearance from Cimorb Hotel to Symbios office near Jail Colony traffic point, Lady’s mile road (Red Cross junction to NH-29) and Seikhazou Colony to DBS road. Mohonkhola to Lower AG (Model Higher secondary school- 73% completed, Para medical road (Fira Hotel to NH-29)- NHAK junction to Tin Pati- 50% completed, official residence of Chief Minister Quarter circular road- 40% completed, Pothole filling & Premix Carpeting at Agri Forest Colony- 25% completed.
Phek: New Colony BAMHS- 80% completed, Church colony approach road upto CHMSS- 95% completed, DC residence junction to New Colony- BAMHS junction- Not yet started and repair of potholes at Phek main town road- completed.
Dimapur: Ten completed works included Improvement of road from Flyover to Apex motors, Walford via Super Market, improvement of approach road to Circuit House, improvement of NMN road, maintenance & repair of church road, circular road & Khermahal road, maintenance of road from NH- 36 to PWD office complex, construction of hume pipe cross drain & pothole filling at Lingrijan, approach road at Duncan Basti, construction of Gabion structure on new Bailey Bridge at Chathe river at 4th Mile, Construction of hume pipe culvert & providing GSB Gr- I at Signal Angami and improvement of approach road to NIT Chumukedima, improvement of road from East Police Station to Old Overbridge via railgate auto stand and public commerce- 90% completed, maintenance % repair of Nepali Bosti road (NH-36 to Circular road- not yet started, maintenance of road from NH-29 at Purana Bazar via Zion Hospital to Khusiabil Govt. school- 5% completed, improvement of road from Bata Charalli junction to Blue Hill line via Eros lane- not yet started, improvement of road from 3rd mile junction, NH-29 to Nagarjan junction via Lungwiram junction- 30% completed, Improvement of road from Notun Bosti to LRC Colony- 20% completed, Improvement of approach road to Dimapur Civil Hospital – not yet started, improvement of road from Duncan Bosti junction (Imli Ghass) to Assam Border via Lingrijan- not yet started, improvement of road of fellowship colony (Ph-1)- not yet completed, construction of side drain adjacent to East Police Station- Not yet started, approach road to railway station- not yet started, improvement of Churches roads- not yet started, approach road to DC office from DC court junction- not yet started, construction of side drain & hume pipe culvert on churches road- not yet started.
Longleng: Hamnyei road (Main town road)- 60% completed, Medical road junction (Hamnyei road) to medical ward- 75% completed, Longleng-Tuensang road junction to Leinak Ward- 42% completed, Medical road junction (Hamnyei road) to Mission Compound- 35% completed and Church road- completed.
Kiphire: NH-202 junction to Daily Market- EE Residence junction- public ground junction- completed, Tuensang road to GA Rest House- 50% completed, Traffic Island Church road – DC residence road junction- 30% completed, Below EE residence to Power House & Veterinary office road- 80% completed, traffic island to district jail road- 70% completed.
Noklak: Nokhu road to higher secondary school- 75% completed, Bazaar to St. Paul School- completed, SDEO office junction to KBCA- 55% completed, Noklak- Nokhu road to CHC- 50% progress, main town- not started, Pense ward approach road- not started and Old church road junction to St. Paul School junction- not started.
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