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Minister Kronu launches NSF 75 years’ celebration

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NSF conducts tree plantation marking World Environment Day

KOHIMA, JUNE 4: The 75 years’ celebration (1947-2022) of Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) was launched today by former NSF president and Minister for Planning & Coordination, Land Revenue and Parliamentary Affairs Neiba Kronu.
Addressing the gathering of NSF incumbent and senior leaders at Naga Solidarity Park here, Minister Kronu said NSF represents the sentiments of the Naga people and it cares for fulfillment of the common aspirations.
In this, he recollected that with a view to bring about better unity and also have a common voice of Naga civil society that the NSF during his tenure as president had pressured the formation of Naga Hoho, which came into being on May 25, 1997. He also stressed on the need to strengthen the Naga Hoho.
Maintaining that the NSF has come thus far taking up the welfare of the Nagas in general, he said lots more needs to be done, especially on Naga Political Issue which has remained unresolved.
He said the theme for the 75 years’ existence “Call to oneness” is apt which gives the hope that Nagas will unite for the cause of the unresolved issues and continue to give their best for good times ahead.
The Minister also stressed on the need for Nagas to focus on economic uplift by engaging in agricultural activities, especially planting fruit trees as the State is blessed with fertile land and sufficient rainfall.
He was also hopeful that the unused and untapped rich natural resources can be utilized towards the economic prosperity of the Nagas post resolution of the decades old problem.
The Minister along with others also lit the torch of the 75 years celebration at the Solidarity Park gate.
NSF president Kegwayhun Tep said with the vision of the forefathers, the NSF is proudly serving and taking forward the Naga people.
“At a time where our society is fragmented with no thread to unite us but only through prayer we are hopeful that Nagas will surely be united one day”, he said.
The NSF president also appealed to the Naga people to do away with internal differences and work together to achieve common aspirations.
Former NSF president and Convenor Planning Committee NSF 75 years celebration, K Temjen Jamir said the NSF story is not just about the students but the Nagas in general.
NSF pioneers were hunted down like animals by the Indian security forces but they took the initiative and brought all Naga people together to form this Federation to work for welfare of Nagas in general, he said.
“The need of the hour for Naga people at this juncture is, indeed, Oneness”, he said adding that “We have agreements with others but we are unable to agree with each other amongst us to have a common approach towards Naga political settlement”.
The spirit of oneness is missing and this is the time to revive that feeling of oneness to overcome all ill feelings, he said.
The NSF was founded on the Naga peoples’ aspiration to live together as one people and we must live as one people irrespective of geographical locations wherever we are or we may be, and we must refuse to assimilate ourselves into India and Myanmar’s political culture, he said.
No Naga, be it from any geographical direction or be it from any group or party, disowns his or her origin and blood line as Naga, rather all are proud to be Naga, he said.
“That is the strength that still holds us together. That is the power of Oneness in Nagaism. That helps us to recover our loss and helps us again to resume our journey of Reconciliation”, he said.
As Nagas celebrate the formation and remarkable journey of togetherness for the last 75 years, NSF urges all concerned groups engaged in peacemaking to resume its noble journey of reconciliation and call upon every Naga to reconcile themselves first before we reconcile with others, he said.
This, Jamir said, must be the process of peace making and our celebration with a call to oneness.
Marking the occasion coinciding with the World Environment Day observation, the NSF also conducted tree plantation drives within the Park participated by the senior leaders while its federating units also did so in the respective jurisdictions across Naga home land.
Chaired by NSF vice president Atokiho Sumi the programme commenced with prayer by NSF Deputy Speaker Chumben Khuvung while Pastors of different churches under Kohima Baptist Pastors Fellowship offered prayer for the celebration.
NSF general secretary Siipuni Ng Philo delivered the concluding remark.
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