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Militants calls total shutdown in Manipur, Tripura on Oct 15


Imphal, October 13: The proscribed Alliance for Socialist Unity Kangleipak (ASUK) and National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT) has called a total shutdown in the state of Manipur and Tripura from 5 am to 5 pm of October 15, as a mark of protest against the ‘forced merger’ of the two states in the Union of India in 1949.
ASUK is a conglomerate of several militant outfits operating in Manipur while NLFT is a militant outfit based in Tripura.
A joint statement signed by the top leaders of the outfits appealed to the general public of both the states to remember the “dark period of our history”.
The statement opined that India has been occupying the two states since October 15, 1949, after two “infamous” merger agreements of 1949 which were alleged to have signed under duress by the two incompetent authorities of the two kingdoms.
After 70 years of Indian colonization of our states, it is crystal clear that Indian rule has been proved to be a noose around our neck which is tightening ceaselessly, it said.
“We have become demographically outnumbered or nearly outnumbered, politically marginalized and disintegrated, economically dependent and pauperized, socially disorganized and splintered, morally degenerated, bastardized and treacherous, and psychologically diffident and vacillating. National doom is staring at us viciously. Merger with India is the root-cause of all these national maladies”, alleged the statement. In response to this Indian colonial challenge is armed struggle for total national independence.
Nevertheless, it asserted that the seventy years old history of freedom movements of Western Southeast Asia (WESEA) region taught a true lesson that a divided movement is a futile exercise.
“We believe that a united and consolidated movement can do miracles in pushing the movement forward. There is no realistic and pragmatic reason for us to achieve success by going separately”, the statement further adds. (Courtesy: IE)