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Migrant workers need sanitation card for ration in lockdown?


Kohima, April 5: Even as the Kohima district administration has been dispatching free rations to colony and ward panchayats for distribution to daily-wager in this 21-days nationwide lockdown, some colony leaders are reportedly insisting on sanitation card to avail the facility.
One such case was revealed by a businessman (on conditions of anonymity) in Kohima, saying before the imposition of the lockdown, he had engaged 11 migrant workers for construction of his house.
With the sudden announcement of the 21-days lockdown on the night of March 24 left them with no work, he said, adding that initially they managed to buy with the little saving but the announcement of the government to provide free ration to all migrant and stranded workers did bring a sigh of relief to them.
Nonetheless, the businessman lamented that as the poor migrant workers approached the colony leaders to avail the benefit, they were reportedly asked to produce sanitation card.
The colony leaders also told them that if they don’t have their own sanitation card they can bring the sanitation card of the person under whom they are working.
In this, the businessman said that he personally approached the colony leaders saying that since his house was under construction and he himself being new to the colony was yet to have a sanitation card.
On the other hand, how can migrant workers have sanitation card, he questioned.
The colony leaders are also fully aware that the construction of my house started recently and that the workers are migrants, he said, while questioning when the government has brought the scheme for such migrant and daily wagers, why can’t the colony leaders spare what is actually meant for them. (Page News Service)