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Mid-term review of National Health Mission held

Nagaland News

Dimapur, March 13: The mid-term review on the National Health Mission (NHM) for the State of Nagaland was held at Nirman Bhavan, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, New Delhi on March 10 under the chairmanship of Addl. Secretary & Mission Director NHM MoHFW Roli Singh, and State team led by Y Kikheto Sema, Commissioner & Secretary, Department of Health & Family Welfare.
During the meeting, Kikheto stated that with the implementation of NHM, the overall improvement in the healthcare delivery service in the State is prominently visible, with the lowest IMR and MMR in the country, improvement in the children’s immunization coverage, elimination phase of TB cases and malaria cases and leprosy cases eradication are some of the few achievements.
However, Kikheto stated that over the period of years, only 50% of the approved budget by GoI could be availed due to delay in contributing State share. He also stated that the short receipt of grants has not only affected the implementation of the programme but also the timely disbursement of staff salaries.
Sema mentioned that there are more than 2000 employees under NHM with the requirement of about Rs 70 crore annually. The fund received over the years is just sufficient for salary and resulted in huge committed liability created over the years.
Sema appealed to the MoHFW to consider the release of subsequent instalments even with the pending State Share. Kikheto also requested to release the approved budget in two instalments instead of the present practice of four instalments for the small and hilly States particularly Nagaland for effective implementation of the programme.
On the non-utilisation of XV FC grants for Urban and Rural Health Components for the FY 2021-22, Kikheto stated that, since Nagaland is exempted from the purview of the 73rd Amendment of the Panchayati Raj Institution, the overall Health Sector is looked after by the Health & Family Welfare Department.
However, since the fund was released to Urban and Rural Departments the same could not be utilized to date. Sema stated that this matter has been discussed at the State level Committee and was also of the view that the grant is implemented by H&FW which is the Nodal Department.
The Addl. Secy & MD NHM was also of the view that XV FC grants should be implemented by the H&FW Department of the State since it pertains to the Health Sector.
She also agrees that smaller states like Nagaland would try to release the approved budget in two instalments instead of four. The Ministry has by and large approved the proposal placed by the State Government and advised the State Government to release the State Share in time to enable the Ministry to release the entire approved budget.
Kikheto was accompanied by Dr. Ritu Thurr, MD of NHM, and other officials.
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