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MGNREGA of 2015-16 to 17-18 of Mkg Dist cannot be believed blindly

The best department that provides the best incentives to poor people is the department of Rural Development. Under this, the MGNREGA scheme provides legal wage employment of 100 days. However, we find a big loophole in the MGNREGA Utilization Certificate of 2015-16 to 2017-18 that we received through RTI reply NO.DRD/RTI/AA-9/2018-19 Dated Kohima, the 12 Feb 2019.
Everyone knows about the situation of Nagaland, therefore people accept the fact that as long as they get 60% of the original amount, they don’t complain. (i.e., they were/are okay with the authority to pocket their 40% share of the total amount). But as we did some research, it was found out that there is some discrepancies in the utilization of the actual funds allotted for the scheme, i.e., the villagers get only 15-20% of their actual share, where 80-85% of the total money is being pocketed by the authorities.
Together with that, there are 34 BDO/RDO/APO under deputation and contract basis (there were 35 but one of them resigned). Through RTI NO.RD/RTI-82/2017 Dated Kohima, the 7 Feb 2019 it was found out that there are 9 BDOs in Mokokchung dist., out of which 6 are under deputation and on a contract basis. But, our request to the citizens is that, irrespective of whether they have the rights or not, we request you not to file cases against them for this year or transfer them to another jurisdiction because, we need to review their works in their presence and if found guilty, we will them/ the concerned authorities responsible to return the money they looted.
We are giving the VDBs/Councils the time and opportunity incase if you want to help and shield your corrupt superiors and you will be responsible to payback the full amount that you have taken. Because, a lot of officials who have misused the public money will have sleepless nights and try to contact and make good relations with the Council Chairman and VDB to lure them right after they read this article/ write up. Therefore, we tell you this beforehand, that if you think that the matter will come to an end after they provide you a small amount of your rightful money that they have pocketed then you will have to pay off all the money, which would mean that you are helping the wrongdoers. A person who loves wealth will be punished like Gehazi who got infected by Naman’s Leprosy.
The authorities know clearly about their misconducts so it is expected of them to return 60% of the total amount to the beneficiaries within 20 days after this publication on different media. We do not object if some village wishes to demand their 100% rightful amount of money. The reason why we hold on to only 60% is that, to show sympathy to the wrongdoers; but if they (wrongdoers/ authority) do not act accordingly, we will be compelled to come for an inspection through RTI wasting our time and energy and we will have to demand 100% of the total amount of money.
If any of the villages are planning to have a public meeting to demand for their due share, of MGNREGA scheme, we are willing to come and attend the meeting with you if you invite us. We have send copies of the money utilized in 7 blocks out of 9 blocks in MKG district in the year 2015-16 and 2017-18 through different whatsApp groups and even in the ‘RTI initiative Nagaland’ Facebook group, so you can contact us after going through those copies. Should you want to get a copy of your own block through whatsApp, you can contact in those nos 9856714829/9612800973/9089069800/9862336389 We will disclose the statements of the other two blocks as soon as possible.
Another thing that the authorities should know is that, from now on, do not make any projects, buy and distribute trees without the knowledge of the villagers. Ask the villagers and plant trees that best suits their soil and environment before you do. If you misuse the villagers’ money to invest for your own self then you will bear the consequences.
The sanction of MGNREGA (2018-19) for MKG district is currently in the office to be distributed, all villages should get at least 60% of the total money and the concerned representative from the village should also keep that in mind. Should any of the village decide to demand their 100% rightful money; you may do so as it is your rightful claim and money, we do not have any objection. Instead we are more willing to help you out. If any of the authority fails to pay the beneficiaries in time, will have to file case against them and we are having a close check on the dates.
The offenders will try to threaten the villagers, by saying that they will minimize the number of extra job cards (if any). Secondly, they will threaten you that your village will get lesser amount of money in the future when other neighbouring villages get more than you, but do not feel threatened by their words. If any of the offenders tells you that, we will check the MGNREGA records that he handled from the start till date and it’ll be our job to 100% payback of the full amount. However, we do not advice the people to make fake cards. We advise you to be honest and get our 100% due share.
Today, the officials appear to be safeguarding the villagers by doing good to them but this just a practice that has been copied down from the Indian Army during the time of turmoil in Nagaland. There was a time when the Naga freedom fighters attack the Indian Army, the innocent people in the neighbouring villages were beaten and tortured, therefore while trying to safeguard the lives of the villagers, many a times the freedom fighters had to discipline themselves.
Some of the suspicious conducts of MGNREGA scheme of 2015-16 to 2017-18 are mentioned below, we are sharing some data of some villages under Ongpangkong South and Changtongya Block for better understanding of the readers we will review these two blocks first and will focus on the others later.
1. Under Changtongya block, there is an expenditure of ?14, 12,693 for making fishery pond at Changtongya village, but in reality there is no fishery pond. Fund for 2016-17 at Changtongya Yimsen Village shows that 5 black topping roads were constructed which is ridiculous. It also shows that a lot of retaining walls were being constructed at Unger Village; therefore we will go and have a thorough inspection. Under this same Changtongya block, we found out through Utilization Certificate, that, in the year 2016-17 sums of Rs 1,49,99,430 in Changtongya, Yangyimsen- Rs 1,86,69,068, Changtongya Yimsen- Rs 46,13,968 Akhoya- Rs 81,97,177, Unger- Rs 1,03,00560, Kilengmen- Rs 73,32,718 were given to villagers for their legal wage employment. The society would have been progressed and flourished far more than this, if the full amount as mentioned were given to the rightful owners.
2. Under Ongpangkong South an expenditure of ?18, 90,280 were shown for ‘Widening of Chungtia to Kobulong Agri-link road’. It is mentioned in Work & Housing Govt. of Nagaland NO.WH/R&B-59/2018/ISC,EI&CRF of another 35cr. For “Improvement of road from Impur to Chungtia” (we are not sure whether this money was released or not) inorder to know whether these two roads are same, one should go and check it for a firsthand information. Through Utilization Certificate again, under the same block of Ongpangkong South, in the year 2016-17 it was found out that. Sum of Rs 1,48,69,393 at Longkhum, Khensa- Rs 1,77,01,806, Chungtia Rs 2,07,94,680, Aliba- Rs 62,78,700 were given to villagers for their legal wage employment.
Except the villages mentioned above, we have checked and seen some retaining walls and we will measure the exact area when we go for inspection, because, as much as we’ve seen one stone bricks would cost ?1000-3000 and in some areas we find no stone bricks. But we will find out one day when we do a thorough inspection. Again, a large amount of money was sanctioned for ‘Toilet to household’, but the dept. of PHED has also sanctioned for the same and we believe that the sanction provided by PHED is more valid.
Even if a person gets selected as minister from a village, it is difficult of him to bring crores of rupees for development in the village, but even if your village is in opposition and if you ask money for the past 3 years, for a big village, you will get at least 2 crores and 1 crore for small villages. Your money is buried under you hearth, why would you beg or starve?
(NOTE: This was translated, So if there are any error, would like to take the article that has been written in Ao social media for future information).
Odi Jamir

S. T. Yapang Lkr

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