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Meyisongla 8th book “Mamatoktetba Taochi” released

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KOHIMA, FEBRUARY 18: An autobiography titled Mamatoktetba Taochi authored by Meyisongla, Deputy Director, Nursing (Rtd) was released by I Temjen Tsudir, Secretary, Ao Senden Literature Board (ASLB), at Hotel Japfu, Kohima, on February 18.
Written in Ao dialect, the book Mamatoktetba Taochi means “Unforgettable Grace” and it chronicles the never-ending love and guidance of God over the life of 83-year-old Meyisongla starting from when she was a 4-year-old child till date.
Meyisongla, a recipient of the Governor’s Inauguration Medal on December 1, 1963 also talked about the terror she witnessed first-hand during the Indian army operation on April 30, 1956, when her Village Monsengyimti was sprayed with bullets from every corner and the entire village was completely razed to ashes by fire by the Indian army.
During this time, all the villagers had to abandon their village and take refuge in the remotest village and survived on for days and weeks together, she recollected. Many Nagas suffered untold miseries and death due to the atrocities of the Indian Army, she added.
From these dire circumstances, God miraculously opened a way for me and from hiding in the fields to Shillong where I took up nursing training, said the author.
“Later on, I went on to complete more courses in Delhi, America, Australia and retired as Deputy Director in the Medical Department in 1999. Throughout my journey of life, there were hardships and insurmountable challenges. Wherever I went but God has always been by my side to help me overcome these challenges and I was inspired to write this autobiography to tell the world about how the Lord Jesus graciously delivered me from darkness to light”, stated the author.
The author said that the book also signifies the very close bond she had with her paternal grandmother and the many sacrifices her grandmother made for her on the author’s behalf.
Recollecting the days after the end of World War II when school was still a new concept to Naga people, Meyisongla recollected that she badly wanted to go to school but couldn’t since she had to babysit her younger brother Er. Lanuakum, Additional Chief Engineer (Rtd).
Even though harbouring the fear that she won’t be able to sit inside the class since she was carrying her baby brother she went anyway and surprisingly the teacher was kind to let her sit inside the classroom and even offered the empty bench to let her sleeping brother lie down while the class was still ongoing.
However, things became bleak as she reached Class 3 because the village had classes only till Class 3 and students had to go to Impur for further education. “My grandmother seeing my zeal to receive education, agreed to babysit my younger brother and let me go to school. Of the many things my Grandmother Repayula did for more, I’ll never forget this because this is the sole act of hers that made me who I am today”, she said.
“The inspiration to write this book was conceived in 1999 right after my retirement but I couldn’t form a definitive structure for the book… I was always falling short on this or that when it comes to penning down the words. I introspected on why I was failing with the book and it was only 20 years later that I realized that I had not sanctified the book with my grandmother’s memory.
It was only in 2021 when I realized the immense love and sacrifice of my grandmother and decided to dedicate the book in her memory along with giving gratitude to God. Then only, I was able to write the book the way it was always meant to be”, she said.
As a result, this book also cements the close bonds I had with my grandmother and the book will serve as a reminder of the love between my grandmother and I for posterity even though we all shall leave this place eventually.
The author also conveyed her gratitude to Deputy Director, Border Affairs, Tali Imsong for assisting her in writing the book with unconditional support.
Secretary, Ao Senden Literature Board (ASLB), I Temjen Tzudir said that he had read the book twice in a detailed manner and learnt that the book carries substance and soul. “I believe that many will benefit if the book is translated into English so that it reaches a larger audience”, he added.
President, Watsu Unit, Kohima, Nukshirenla and Registrar (Rtd), O Chubala also delivered short speeches at the book release. They said how the author served society with dedication and diligence in whichever capacity she was put in and how she was able to deal with people of all ages with grace.
Published by Woods Publishers, Mamatoktetba Toachi is the 8th book of the author Meyisongla. Her earlier publications are Anema Alitsü Asoshi Tesayuba Lesson Karh (1987), Azüazüa Tantsür Tambur Akumba (Ao-2005), Süngo Mozü (Ao)-2006, Medicinal Plants (English, 2011), Süngo Mozü 2nd Edition (Ao-2013), Secret of Healthy Long Life (English-2014) and Arishir Mongchen (Ao-2018).
The autobiography is available for sale at a retail price of Rs. 400. Interested people may contact 7005805730/8787500686.
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