Monday, September 20, 2021

Mera/Sechü/Rau clan’s meet held

Dimapur, January 14: After 77years of the clan’s first meet in the year 1942, the 13th General Conference of the Mera/Sechü/Rau clan Nagaland was convened at Denis Elunglung’s residence Jalukie, on January 8 last, hosted by the Nagaland Zeliang Rau. The historic event of the clan’s meet was marked by the presence of more than 2000 members of the clan including Neiphiu Rio, T R Zeliang and Zaleo Rio.
On the occasion, both T R Zeliang and Neiphiu Rio univocally urged the members to carry out research works on the clan’s histories seriously for deeper understanding of the clan origin and family tree in their respective speeches while thanking the organizers for their achievement done so far.
They also shared similar views that in a democratic world there is no a permanent friend or foe.
While T R Zeliang recalled a popular proverb “blood is thicker than water”, referring blood relation cannot be replaced or avoided whether one likes it or not and added when humanity exist very much in the society “we can also have stronger bond among our clan members for a better future,” Neiphiu Rio also urged the members to uplift each other as one clan wherever possible. Of the many he cited an example in the field of education and urged everyone to collectively support students if there is anyone facing difficulty in pursuing education due to financial problems.
He went on saying, “If we could nurtured up bright students among our clan members to lead us; we could have a stronger and brighter Mera/Sechü/Rau clan”.
In his welcome speech, Denis Elunglung said, “It was a great day for our blood brothers and in the true spirit of brotherhood we all have gathered here as a mark of unity.”
“God has blessed us two shinning stars, for which we must gratefully uphold each other as brothers lest the blessing will go to others hands,” he added.
Earlier, the clan’s gathering was kicked off with a prayer by Gohing, Pastor Puilo New Baptist Church. While Rau, Mera and Sechü Yieko entertained the crowd with folk songs, Rüüngutuo delivered his presidential speech and later reports from the Secretary, Treasurer & Research committee followed the sequences.
In the concluding remark, Kethozhapu Sahu pronounced a vote of thanks before Heuzieteusing blessed the clan on behalf of Rau elders which was followed by a mass prayer and brotherhood feast.
(Page News Service)