Mental Development- a pre-requisite for every apt citizen: Tali Longkumer

Dimapur, May 13: The Kohima Ao Telongjem (KAT) held the first annual general meeting on May 12 at Molu Ki Kohima with Tali Longkümer IAS (Rtd.) as the main Speaker.
Addressing the gathering Mr Longkumer said, Nagas talk so much about development but people are confined more towards Physical development. However, Longkumer said, there is major concern for Mental Development of the people. He said Nagaland would literally develop when both physical and mental development takes place together.
Speaking on the theme “Befitting Citizen”, Tali Longkumer encouraged the Ao community to work hard and bear honesty in all aspects of life. Stressing on how to become a befitting citizen, Longkumer shared some constructive points, where he said the community need to Go beyond Borders. To this he said, only being culturally literate will not take the people forward but one has to go beyond the borders and exchange knowledge with others. He also pointed out that a Befitting Citizen need to Walk the Talk.
He called upon all the Ao leaders to diligently work and deliver what they have guaranteed.
Longkumer also stressed on being a disciplined, honest and visionary goal setter as an apt citizen. Saying that without God there is no success and called upon the people to fear the Lord and continue to seek for His wisdom to be able to lead the Aos and the Nagas at large.
Exhorting the gathering, Nagaland Minister Higher & Technical Education, Temjen Imna Along said that Aos desire and talk about Unity but lamented that no precise step has been taken for an absolute unity. He said the Aos are united only in principle. The Minister said, until the entire community unite and stand together as one, we will never succeed.
He said it is time for the Aos to be more humble, to seek wisdom from the Lord and introspect to do what is right.
Stressing on some basic things for a cohesive community Minister Imna Along called the Aos to accommodate and have a concern of each other in humility, and said God will be with such community and when God leads success is apparent, the Minister added. He urged all the members to have a principle of integrity and to honestly work for a better community and a better Nagaland.
Senior leader and a prominent retired State Government official, Lipokmeren IAS, also addressing the gathering said the present society need honest and sincere officers and citizens to change the land. Urging the KAT members to take the lead, Lipokmeren said first the Aos should change themselves and their land and take the lead to change Nagaland.
He also urged upon the elected legislators of the Ao community to unite as one irrespective of party and affiliation and to work towards change and bring back the laurels of the pioneers of the soil.
Short speeches were also delivered by the President KAT Er. Talitoba Sanglir, and the President Kohima Watsu Telen.
The meeting also nominated new team of office bearers of KAT for the year 2018-20, the names are as follows: President- Mr. Chiden Yaden, Vice President Mr. I. Chubalepzuk, General Secretary – Mr. Moameren Imchen, Asst General Secretary- Mr. Lanusanen, Finance Secretary – Mr. Pangertoshi Pongen, and Treasurer- Dr. Aochuba.
Earlier the programme was chaired by the office bearers of KAT, opening prayer by Rev. Yapang Walling, Pastor KABA, Special number by Ao Students Union Kohima, Reports from various committees of KAT, and vote of thanks proposed by Vice President KAT Chiden Yaden. (Page News Service)