Saturday, May 15, 2021
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Meghalaya Journalists seek apology from home minister James Sangma

Shillong, January 7: The media fraternity in Meghalaya has demanded an apology from state home minister James K Sangma for his misbehaviour with journalists.
The media persons also condemned the minister’s uncalled for behaviour with the press people waiting at his office door for a meeting with him to seek answers to several questions, currently being raised by the public.
After a meeting at the Shillong Press Club, a letter signed by several journalists and submitted to Sangma on Tuesday expressed shock at the unwanted behaviour of the home minister in the secretariat on Monday evening.
The media persons also submitted a list of 24 questions to the minister and sought for his replies soon.
“Your unwanted behaviour which is all recorded on video camera was shocking and unprecedented for the press people who have been in the field for many years. We, therefore, demand an unconditional apology for your act of humiliating the press and threatening violence against a senior member of our fraternity, who only sought to shake hands and put you some questions,” the letter said.
It may be mentioned that the minister avoided speaking to eight waiting journalists who had waited for him when he emerged out of his office chamber in the secretariat on Monday evening.
While avoiding the journalists, the minister accused the journalists of blocking his way and pushed aside a senior journalist who was holding his hand in a friendly manner as part of the happy new year greetings.
“What the hell you are doing” Why are you blocking my way like that?” the minister reacted he walked down the steps in the secretariat.
Seeing the unwanted behaviour of the minister, the senior journalist too reacted, “Who the hell you think of yourself? Who are you?”
The home minister then climbed up the steps with an intention to come face to face with the senior journalist and asked, “What is your problem?”
The senior journalist also clarified that there was no intention to block the minister’s way.
“I only want to ask some questions, but I am not blocking your way. If I blocked you, you have your guards.”
Meanwhile, in the letter, the press fraternity reminded the minister that journalists have also tried to meet him many times individually, and as a group, but the minister remained elusive for reasons best known to him.
“On January 6 again, we had tried to meet you and waited outside your door for more than three hours seeking answers from the home minister of the state on several issues,” the letter said.
The press fraternity also decided to submit a letter to the chief minister, Conrad k Sangma in connection with the incident.
The press fraternity also sent to the minister a list of 24 questions seeking answers for the enlightenment of the citizens of the state, who are in the dark on many important issues.
(Courtesy: NE Now)