Friday, May 7, 2021
North East

Meghalaya group sets 2020 deadline to solve boundary dispute

Shillong, December 20: The Hynñiewtrep Achik National Movement (HANM) has set a deadline to the Meghalaya government to find solution to the long pending inter-state boundary dispute with Assam by 2020.
HANM president Lamphrang Kharbani told reporters that the dispute cannot be prolonged further, and both Meghalaya and Assam should find ways to solve the problem.
According to Kharbani, give and take policy would be one of the solutions to the long pending problem especially in areas where there are claims and counter claims by both the states.
Stating that the state cannot be fully protected without knowing its exact boundary, Kharbani said, “It has been a joy when we got our own state, but without boundary. People have suffered a lot in areas along the inter-state boundary due to the absence of a clear boundary.
“Therefore, by 2020, the state government must by all means solve this issue,” he said.
He said that after the New Year, the organisation would approach all MLAs to seriously pursue this issue. (NE Now)